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The click SMTP Server reporting system generates “Web Activity”, “Mail Delivery”, and “SMTP Traffic” reports for analysis and verification. Automatic notifications by email may be enabled for most system events. A failure log is also provided for error reporting purposes. So it will report all the errors during delivery of email.

E-mail monitoring and tracking

Any basic operations via e-mail are monitored, can be recorded into the log files, and viewed in the Control Panel.
In adherence to our Privacy Policy, the message body never scanned nor stored on our servers.

Long-term archiving.

Long-term archiving keeps and preserves records of mail exchanges and web-based activities. This feature may be disabled. Hence if you need information of web-based activities you need to enable this feature.

Security Features

SSL/TLS traffic encryption

SMTP Server uses  SSL/TLS traffic encryption to avoid outside threats and spamming. So it establishes a secure connection between client and Server end.

Secure Password Authentication

Secure SMTP Server requires Secure Password Authentication before sending emails.
Implemented authentication mechanisms such as DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5 identify users and control the access to the server.

Hidden IP

The user’s real IP address or domain name kept hidden in the message header.

E-mail monitoring and tracking

E-mail monitoring and tracking ensure a strong security and privacy. So you don’t need to think more about email deliverability. You will get all tracking details in a period of time.

Compatibility Features

  • Most of the mobile devices supported, So it is compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Send email using any Internet Service Provider.
  • Configurable listening SMTP port. SMTP Server works on port 25 by default, in cases where the Internet Service Provider or a network administrator blocks port 25, the service will work through an alternate SMTP port. Any port number is available: 1-5000, except 53,137,139,443,445.
  • Works with dial-up, DSL, cable modem, wireless or on any network connected to the internet.

User-Friendly Control Panel Features

Easy to use the web interface

A web-based application designed to provide users with a full control over the mail delivery process. So it is easy to use with a web interface.

Online user-level management includes

Password management
SMTP Accounts management
Reports management
Time Zone configuration
Security options setup
Billing management
Service plan upgrade/downgrade option

4 Key features of SMTP Server
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