13 Ways to Use SMS Reminders and Notifications to Increase Sales

Many businesses have time sensitive offers. It does not matter whether it is the entertainment, sports, retail or service industries as well; You have an offer that can benefit from last minute sales by SMS reminder.

13 Ways to Use SMS Reminders and Notifications to Increase Sales

After thinking about this I came up with a list of situations that are perfect for using SMS to increase sales at the last minute.

  1. Product Launch Closing
  2. Last minute webinar notifications
  3. Micro selling
  4. Inventory closeout
  5. Crowd Funding Campaign
  6. Event ticket sale
  7. Price increase notification
  8. Post webinar sales
  9. Free trial ends
  10. Early bird sale
  11. Holiday promotion
  12. Renewal notification
  13. Fundraiser

Use SMS Reminders and Notifications to Increase Sales

Following are the points that you can use to increase more sales:

1. Product Launch Closing

Create a mobile list during your initial product launch so that you can alert interested parties to your list if you are offering a bonus or last minute cross sale.

Offer your text to be included during your product launch webinar to make your list highly qualified. Chances are if they signed up on your email list, then participated in a webinar, they are more likely to take action and purchase your product.

2. Last Minute Webinar Notifications

Many customers send last-minute reminders about their webinars or teleseminar events to increase attendance and boy does it work! More attendees means more willing buyers who took time to understand your offer.

Many customers have seen an up to 75% increase in attendance, some a simple, teeny, text message. And in the end, they earned more revenue from their events.

3. Micro selling

Are there any sales that are closing soon or only one day? Perfect for the EOM quota or perhaps you want to increase sales during the slower period of the day. Restaurants like Chipotle work very well on this. Hours before closing, send a quick text promo notification to your registered customers and watch your sales grow!

Here’s an example of how Grab is using text to drive sales to an Uber competitor.

They used an SMS message to increase sales during off peak traffic using promo-code MIDDAY from 12 noon to 4 pm. The promo was only good for one day and made the campaign highly motivating and instantly measurable over time.

My phone also has an Uber app but I do not get such offers from them, in other words they are losing big time with SMS reminders.

4. Inventory Closeout

Many businesses have to put the product on sale only in the hope of making room for more inventory. It comes with electronics, food, furniture, household items, clothing, especially seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations.

So when a customer buys or registers a product, it is a good idea to create a mobile list. Then when is the right time a text message can take you from a closed sale to a red to black color.

Example: Some states offer limited sales of a product such as fireworks. A fireworks stand company can create an SMS reminder list so that they can make a sale in order to transfer the last minute discount to the inventory on the last day.

5. Crowd funding Campaign

If there was ever a time sensitive proposal, this is the countdown to the end of your crowdfunding campaign. By creating a mobile list, you can send a special SMS offer or last minute call to action a few hours before the end of your campaigns. The wrong example of what such text might look like is given below.

6. Event Ticket Sale

Many event marketers offer pre-sales for conferences, sporting events, music festivals, festivals, films, etc. for interest and predictive attendance numbers. Pre-sale tickets are a limited time offer so you can benefit from SMS and voice broadcasts to remind your customers that it is ending soon.

The Detroit Red Wings hockey team is not only earning the most with an SMS reminder on ticket sales but is also offering text promos for food, drinks and gear at the stadium.

See the list of text clubs they offer. Notice how they segmented their mobile lists using different keywords to give their customers the most targeted offers.

7. Price Increase Notification

Pricing Increase Email Notification | Shopgalleree.com - Photography Marketing, Design Templates for Photographers

Tying into the concept of product launch is the closing or end price increase notification of a ticket pre-sale. Whenever you are going to increase the price of your product or program entrance it should be used within the message. This creates shortages and causes people to take action or face a higher price later.

8. Post Webinar Sales

You have used SMS to increase more presence in webinars but you should also use it to close the sale. If you send SMS reminders to mobile customers with a one-time offer only, you can rejuvenate the sense of urgency that may lapse after the event.


Remember to sweeten the deal with an addition bonus for people who take action that day or within a few hours.

9. Free Trial Ends

If you use a free trial period at the beginning of your service product, you probably send an email notifying the possibility of the conclusion of the trial. But why not follow up with SMS reminder too?

During the registration process by collecting a mobile number and offering a mobile opt-in you can remind your potential customers that their free trial period is ending and what your value is, if they buy now you can buy a Special price may also be offered to lock.

For products that are digital in nature and require no cost to produce (such as a course or game) this strategy can work well. Sending emails, SMS and voice broadcasts on the day that the trial ends will make your message be heard loudly and clearly.

10. Early Bird Sale

A more robust strategy if an early adopter is to provide a special incentive to take action to secure a ridiculously low price by a certain day. It can be used at product launches, fundraising or critical start of events.

Once again a humble yet powerful SMS with 96% open rate can take you to the top of your mind when you need it most.

11. Holiday Promotion

Everyone is waiting for a Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday deal. If you provide a mobile list, when your buyers these days can make more sales through a product with special offers.

If the inventory of a product is not going well, you can also use SMS messages sending special offers for a specific item. In fact even Google recognized the importance of last-minute SMS reminders by offering holiday text ads in the 2015 Christmas Holiday season.

12. Renewal Notification

Many times there is no automatic renewal when a subscription is about to expire. This is often the case with things like website access, domain names, hosting, and SAAS products. If you create a mobile list you can extend the renewal by sending an SMS reminder that the user is unsubscribing.

Here’s an example…

Let’s you have membership site for model planes and a 1 year subscription is $97 annually. If sending out 1000 SMS messages costs you $50 and your conversion rate is a meager 1.5% your ROI will look like this.

.015 X 1000 = 15   15 x $97 = $1,455  That is a 2910.00% Return on your spend!

You only need 1 sale to make 194.00% return!  I don’t know about you but I like those odds.

13. Fundraiser

Creating an SMS list When you are collecting emails from people who want a deal, there should be no mind. The key is to limit your text messaging to 1 once a week.

How to Write The Perfect Fundraising Email [TEMPLATES] | Classy

Reserve it for a killer deal. If you build that SMS reminder list you can charge the advertiser a premium for those messages because the open rate is so high.

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