3 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2021

When we say “more interactivity”, we only mention more than CTAs that lead you to sell pages or gift guides. May be able to actually use the brand’s goods or edit carts from your inbox.

3 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2021

1. Email will have more interactivity

As the purchase experience gets closer and closer to each other in email, email information is becoming distant. With more and more customers using their phones for everything, we probably see more and more amazing mobile experiences in email. But this is not to say that this is only the mobile world. Optimizing the mobile experience is a win for all devices.

When we say “more interactivity”, we only mention more than CTAs that lead you to sell pages or gift guides. May be able to actually use the brand’s goods or edit carts from your inbox.

2. Email Design Is Going To Evolve

To accommodate this more interactive experience, email design can be dialed up to 11 Amazing  coding in email allows the brand to provide that more immersive experience – providing a webpage to customers’ emails. In 2017, we are going to see the implementation of such design:

  • Timers:

    We have seen them become more prevalent in 2016, and we only hope to land them in 2017. The timer creates a sense of urgency, which helps with the conversion rate.

  • Accordions:

    Although we said emails are going to be like small webpages, perhaps the whole space issue designers still have to deal with. The email helps solve this by providing a wide variety of options when the Accordion menu summarization mechanism is in place.

  • Sliders/Banners:

    Sliders and banners add a lot to your message while saving space. However, while agreements for customers were more of an optional deal, sliders and banners can function automatically.

3. Time To Get Hyper personalized

With all the developments in email design, we have time to personalize the message as much as possible. The more unique the email experience is to a customer, the greater chance you have of converting.

While batching and blasting isn’t happening anywhere – even though we’d love for it to disappear altogether – this method of customer outreach is going to continue to generate less and less revenue than emails that actually feel Let’s say they were created for a specific customer.

Brands have all the data they need to do this. Get aligned through it, segment accordingly, run your tests, and create truly amazing emails that will generate revenue and boost ROI.

4. Text-Only Emails

Clocking in at number two on our list of email marketing predictions for 2021, you can expect to see a lot more text-only emails.

It is assumed that you expected that you would send emails with GIFs and eye-catching pictures. It just means that you were. In fact, with the hyper-personalization trend continuing, it’s likely that this new love for text-only emails is simply because they feel more personal, such as an email you’d send to a friend (because let’s be real Ho, most people do this. Do not send image-heavy emails to your friends and family).

5. Bright Colors

This is one of our email marketing predictions for 2021 that may be unlike any other on the list (namely, our recommendation for sending text only). However, we did not say that all your emails should be text only. So, if you are going to send emails using email marketing templates, designs and images, make them bold and bright.

The color is great for instilling emotion and taking action. For example, in the United States, blacks in marketing have a strong relationship with luxury, power, and status. Blue is all about trust and security. Yellow represents happiness and puberty. and on and on.

6. Privacy

Privacy has become even more important with GDPR. Some email marketers are concerned that strict privacy laws mean that their email marketing efforts will not be as effective, or that they will not be able to continue email marketing.

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