With various industries on the rise, innovation in technology and small business commencing their operations everyday the need for digital marketers is felt more than ever. There have been various changes in the field of marketing, the latest change being digitalisation of marketing. Digital marketers are needed to decipher the algorithms of various internet entities and use the various tools available for digital marketing in their favour. Digital marketers are needed by almost all the industries in order to make their marketing and advertising campaign successful.

Here is the list of the top five jobs for a digital marketer:

4 jobs for a digital marketer

  • Digital marketing Manager:

The main job of a digital marketing manager resembles the of a marketing manager, only difference being they work to market their organisation on a digital space. Digital marketer who apply for the job of a digital marketing manager need to have a firm grasp on everything related to digital marketing. 

Digital marketing managers need to constantly update their knowledge about the latest and various tools available for digital marketing. Apart from that they also need to have the skills of a manager. Digital marketers who apply for the job need to know their team. Know how to plan, strategize and execute a campaign and also how to delegate tasks. 

They need to use their analytical skills to decipher data and run successful campaign. Digital marketers who want to become digital marketing manager need to know about their business inside out and about the competition their organisation faces in the free market. The salary of can range from 50,000 to 1,00,000$ and in exceptional cases can exceed 1,00,000$.

  • SEO and SEM specialist:

To be able to run successful digital marketing campaigns, one has to make some space for their business and make their presence felt o the internet. Running campaigns will be if bio use if they do not reach your target audience. 

That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialists come into picture. Digital marketers can also pursue this job and build their career. There is always high demand for SEO and SEM specialists in the corporate world and Digital marketers can make use of this opportunity. 

The main job which a digital marketer has to perform as a SEO and SEM specialist, to put it in simple words, is to find various ways and use various tools so that their organisation lands on the first page of the SERP’s when a user searches for anything’s related to the work done by their organisation. 

Digital marketers who want to pursue this line of career need to be updated with the latest policies of various search engines and the latest changes in their algorithm so that they can use this change to their advantage. 

They can earn between 55,000$-100,000$

  •  Content Managers

This is the part of digital marketing which will require you to view things from a creative angles. Digital marketers who want to become content managers should know how to make SEO friendly content which is engaging and can help in lead generation.

 Content creation is needed in all area of marketing and not just digital marketing and that is why digital marketers who pursue this line of career can even work for other sectors of marketing. Content managers may be required to head a team of writers, content creators, create engaging content, manage their editorial calendar and perform other activities in the same umbrella.

 They should know how to mange content and post the write content art the right time to get maximum engagement. Since campaign without content are useless, they need to make sure that the content they write or create is exemplary and not mediocre. Digital marketers who want to become content managers need to be really good writers and have a creative mind. 

They can earn between 75,000$-100,000$. The earning can change based on the potential of the digital marketer.

  • Email Marketing specialist

Since email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and every organisation dabbles in this form of digital marketing, you can be sure that all the firms require an email marketing specialist. 

Digital markets can book mark this as a prospective career option. Not only is email marketing is necessary but is on of the least expensive form of digital marketing. Thus organisation need email marketing specialist use this economical form of digital marketing to attain high ROI. 

Digital marketers who want to pursue this lie of career need to perform actives such as managing campaign launches, lead generation activities, decipher databases related to customers, PR activities, etc. this strong form of digital macerating is ever growing and thus the need or email marketing specialists is more than ever.

They can earn upto $50,000.


This is the list of the top four jobs which a digital marketer can perform to pursue a career I digital marketing. Since technology changes everyday, none can be sure that there will be more job options for digital marketers in the near future to choose form. Until then you can choose any one of the options mentioned in the list above and follow your dream job. 

Click on the link to know how to become a content manager. 

Click on the link to know more about e-mail marketing specialist.

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