5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used

It’s easy to send a photo on an instant messaging app like Whatsapp, but how do you use the photo properly in the email so that the customer immediately thinks about you? Today in this article, we will recommend 5 online mail signature design tools.

Why should you beautify your signature?

According to third-party data statistics, the mails that have been beautified and signed have increased the response and click rate by 32% and 22% respectively. At the same time, it is also helpful to add social attention.

But all tools must be set up first, and the mail signature design is the same. I don’t recommend using a beautification signature in a new customer development letter (or the first email sent to the other party), because the email signature generated by the tool will contain multiple links, and it is easy to fall into the other’s spam mailbox.

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Conducive to the delivery of the development letter. (Although it can be circumvented by simplifying the design or modifying the HTML code. Interested users are welcome to private messages in the background).

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools

However, when we add the beautified signature to the existing customer emails, whether it is from the corporate image, or deepen the memory, or pass on more information, it will help.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools

1) Signature Production of HubSpot

Hubspot is an affiliate tool for the free CRM online software we introduced earlier. This tool is free of registration and free to use. Open the above URL. After entering, click the blue “Create Signature Button” to enter the production page.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools

In the production page, the drop-down menu on the right side can select 8 different styles, and the Main tab is to fill in your signature display content. But be careful, the bottom avatar or logo section, fill in the link address of the online image.

If you don’t have a ready-made link, you can generate a link through a gallery with external links. Here I recommend a free external link generation network: https://upload.cc/, (if you want to know more maps that can be externally chained, you can ask for a private reply in the public number, manually reply within 48 hours), after you open, you will make A good avatar or logo (size suggestion: 100px*100px) is dragged into the upload, and the “straight-chain” switch is turned on, and the corresponding link can be obtained. After copying, return to the signature creation page to fill in.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools

In the Social tab, fill in the corresponding personal media page address in the corresponding box, you can display the corresponding button in the signature, including the four mainstream social platforms Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So, you can also adjust the color, etc. in the Style tab.

After completing the content input and style adjustment, click the blue “CREATE SIGNATURE” button to get the signature. There are 2 ways to use:

The first type, after clicking the “SELECT SIGNATURE” button, will select all the signatures, and copy them by ctrl+c (mac using cmd+c).

Then, you can use ctrl+v to paste in the mail compose page.

Second, at the bottom of the signature generation page, there will sign HTML code, select them all, and copy them to the signature settings in the Outlook or Foxmail client, save them as new signatures, and you can automatically send each time you send them. Called .

2) Exclaimer ‘s Signature Production

The approximate usage of Exclaimer is roughly the same as the first one. The production is also free of registration and registration, and then enter relevant information, and link to the picture.

There is also a variety of Exclaimers. Once the settings are complete, click on the bottom right corner to generate a signature. You can see that Exclaimer lists how each type of mailbox uses signatures. You can click on the client you are using to follow the steps to use the signature. At the same time, Exclaimer also supports HTML code copy for advanced users and is also a good signature production tool.

3) Wisestamp ‘s Signature Production

Wisestamp describes itself as the first card of the signature tool. In the actual experience, it has the most styles and the most details in the design. However, the operation is not different from other tools, and it must be registered and used.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools

4) CodeTwo’s Signature Production

CodeTwo’s signature production tool is free to register and has a rich template. The advantage is that you can choose to use the platform before production, and it can better support the format and support of devices and software.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools

5) My Signature

MySignature is a smart, easy-to-use instrument that takes you in every phase of mail signature design. They’re fantastic templates and one of their tool’s greatest elements is that you can use them on the go.

5 Mail Signature Design Tools Recommended and Used, Mail Signature Design, Mail Signature Design Tools,

As a result, you can now begin building on any mobile internet-connected device by optimizing your mobile tool. Furthermore, the integrated analysis makes it simple to monitor the performance of your banners, clickable pictures and connections.


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