5 reasons why people are so mad for SAP Certification

SAP Certification is the most sought-after certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world. In every nook and corner of the world, it has created tremendous buzz among the IT professionals. Probably, SAP Certification is one of the most criticised certifications, but at the same, it is one of the biggest dreams for a number of individuals. Many people have criticised in many ways by writing blogs, articles and even books. But, nobody can rule out the craze that it has created in this fast moving IT world. SAP Certification is one of the most successful IT certifications in the recent past.

5 reasons why people are so mad for SAP Certification

Though there is the number of restrictions and hurdles kept by SAP policies for people in particular regions, still it has not lessened the interest for this SAP Certification. Personally, I am not in favor of the SAP discriminatory policies for appearing SAP Certification based on their region. As a global company and equal opportunity employer, SAP should have made the similar kind of rules in allowing the people for appearing the SAP Certification.


SAP Certified consultants will enjoy a special recognition with their employer and the prospective employers. Many prospective employers still publish their jobs by stating that “SAP Certification is the mandatory/value-added advantage”. You will see there is the number of jobs in the market with this kind of statements. These statements will drive the number of SAP job hoping aspirants to get them certified.  For those employers, SAP is a third party, which is certifying that the said individual has adequate knowledge in a particular area at that point in time.

They have to believe the certification from SAP as a third party and consider that as one of the yardsticks in selecting the candidates. In addition, SAP is also serving Logos, ID cards (not sure whether ID Cards are discontinued) to the individuals who have passed the SAP Certification. People still have the same craze for these logos and ID cards to put on their CVs and show ID Cards to the public. These logos are still fetching the good amount of recognition from the recruiters. I still wonder how SAP is taking steps to prevent this misuse).


This is the most primary reason one motive that the general public is enrolling for SAP Certification is with a wish that it’s going to get them a respectable process in SAP area. There is the number of precedents, where numerous people have executed respectable profession in SAP based on their SAP Certification. finally, their testimonies are becoming out to be the maximum successful testimonies. a lot of those people have finished professional fulfillment and served the range of top worldwide agencies.

SAP Certification has helped them to move from far off regions to one of the world’s topmost cities. Their friends, juniors, colleagues, and others are inspired by this. And they’re additionally hoping to copy the identical success memories. most of the people still trust that they can get a respectable process in SAP arena and that activity will flip their and their subsequent generations’ fortunes. It’s far the motive why there are people equipped to leave their jobs in spite of extra than 20 years of the area enjoy and wanted to do the SAP certification so as to interrupt into SAP world.


People luckily find some benevolent employers, who sponsor the employees’ education. They will take every effort, even in a most depressed economic situation, to allocate training budget and train their employees on the key skills. Some employers will reimburse the certification costs (unfortunately, I am yet to find one).

The prime reason being, mentally they never intended to miss that free deal. In their opinion, if it is a free deal, they will go and grab an Olympic gold medal. You will find such lucky employees working with such lovely employers, get easily motivated at a faster rate to grab the reimbursement benefits for passing the SAP Certification.


Many of the people who are enrolling for SAP Certification. Still, believe that it is a good way of long-term investment. They are hoping that this SAP Certification. Still able to fetch them a reasonably good amount of returns on their investment. Some of the people still believe that SAP Certification can be a Euro Million Jackpot in their lives. It may be true to a certain extent as the number of consultants has seen rapid growth. In their professional careers, even it has given them the more than thousand percent of growth and money.

The markets are very volatile and the ever increasing demand for quality people. Still, some of the employers believe that SAP Certification is a good way of measuring the knowledge of the people. With this intention, they are still looking for knowledgeable SAP Certified consultants. The hope of getting a good amount of money from those employers. It is one of the best motivators for people doing the SAP Certification.


SAP Certification is a confidence booster and it gives a lot of self-respect for them. The recognition and reputation among the people make them feel special. To visualize this feeling make them much stronger and they believe that they are not inferior to anybody. There are many ways of developing one’s self-respect, but when they are being certified. By the reputed organization like SAP, it gives them a strong sense of responsibility and self-respect. This kind of self-respect is one of the most strong motivating reasons to enroll themselves for SAP Certification.