7 Strategies to Better Engage Community Members with Email Campaigns

A successful email campaign is one that results in opens, clicks and further engagement with your audience. You don’t want your beautifully crafted emails (email marketing) sitting unread in recipients’ inboxes.

7 Strategies to Better Engage Community Members with Email Campaigns

A successful email campaign is one that results in opens, clicks and further engagement with your audience. You don’t want your beautifully crafted emails (email marketing) sitting unread in recipients’ inboxes.

When sending email campaigns to members of a community group, trade association, or other organization with members, you will face a different set of benefits and challenges than when sending emails to customers or leads.

It is because you are the first that your recipients are invested in your group and mission. What would those other members be? Knowing that your members care about your work and goals. And I’ll help you plan this. that you include them in the emails you send.

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We will share 7 strategies for community groups, trade associations and other organizations with paying members who want to better engage their audience using email marketing:-

1. Enlist personalization

Seasoned email marketers won’t be surprised to hear that personalization is the key to engagement. We know that addressing a recipient by their name greatly increases their chances of opening an email.

But a name in a subject line isn’t the only way to personalize a members-only email campaign, not when you have all the subscription CRM information to pull from.

To show your members that you value their place in your community. Reference their time in your email as a member.

  • Membership level
  • Participated in the program
  • Purchased goods
  • Upcoming birthday
  • Local program
  • Membership renewal deadline

2. Take Care of Timing

One of the major contributors to email marketing fatigue is quantity. If you send a lot of emails, no matter how tempting they are, you will notice that your open, click and response rates drop.

Combatting volume-induced email marketing fatigue doesn’t require you to stop sending emails. Instead, it requires more careful attention to timing.

Fortunately, when sending email campaigns to membership program participants, you have your own choice of appropriate timings to choose from, such as:

  • During the membership drive
  • When the individual subscription is ready for renewal
  • Leading up to an event, conference, or significant capital campaign
  • When Your Union Is Being Recognized With an Award
  • Around their birthdays or holidays
  • For nonprofit subscriptions at the start of tax season

Email campaigns sent to members this time won’t look weird! In fact, because your members may expect to see emails from you during these times, they will be more receptive to opening them and engaging with them.

3. Provide Incentives through Email Marketing

Why are we so excited to open presents? This is because we know that there is something wonderful, chosen just for us, where we cannot see it.

You can capture that same spirit of enthusiasm by placing special incentives for members in your email. Your members will certainly guess your email if they know they can proceed to:

  • Discount on online purchase
  • Free, Limited Period, Branded Gifts
  • Quick registration for popular events
  • Invitations to special events
  • Customized recommendations
  • Who wouldn’t look forward to those emails?

4. Share relevant news

You know you have to put your affiliation in the front of your members’ minds, which requires you to send regular emails. But what if you can’t think of anything to say? You can’t just send an email that says, “Remember us?” Instead, send relevant news articles about topics your members are interested in.

You don’t have to guess the topics your members would like to see. You know they are interested in your affiliation and purpose. So customize the news you share with those preferences in mind.

Sending relevant, interesting news articles doesn’t engage your members just because it reminds them that your affiliation exists. These types of emails also establish your affiliation as an authoritative source of information.

5. Design Emails So They are on Brand and Easy to Read

Visually interesting emails are always sure to encourage more engagement than text-heavy emails. Humans are visual!

However, if you load your email with high-resolution images, videos, and interactive elements, you may end up wasting a lot of your time with this kind of design. who may attempt to deviate the defendant from that point.

Also, too many multimedia elements can slow down load times, leading to the number of recipients giving up instead of waiting.

There are some elements of great email design that apply specifically to email campaigns sent to your members:

  • Branding: Reinforce where the email is marketing coming from by using the logo, name, and colors of your association.
  • Personalization: You have the information to personalize your emails with your members’ names and other personal information, so use it!
  • Calls to action: Whether you’re asking for membership renewal, a donation, a reply, or an RSVP, make sure your members know what action you want them to take.

Great email design isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most effective tools you have to encourage your members to not only open but read and engage with your messages.

6. Integrate your social media

Chances are good that your engagement profile is on at least one social media platform. Social media is one of the most attractive communication channels if you use it well.

With the best email marketing platforms, you have the opportunity to integrate your social media accounts with your email campaigns. You have lots of integration opportunities to choose from:

  • Link to your profile in the header and footer of your email.
  • Include a “Follow” button in the header, footer or body of your email.
  • Embed a special post in the body of your email.
  • Share social media polls for your members to answer.
  • Promote hashtags for your followers to use.
  • Ask members to share a post or article on their own pages.
  • The best social media integration strategies are the ones that make it easy for the participants. You are asking your members to go out of their way, so make the process as simple as possible.

Take a popular example:

an advocacy campaign. If you are encouraging participation in a social media advocacy campaign (email marketing), write a message that members can easily copy and paste into their own profiles, and follow your association for updates on the campaign. Give them a handy “Follow” button for.

There are many other ways email social media integration can advance your support campaign, visit the advocacy campaign planning stages of Salsa.

7. Give Feedback Opportunities

Engagement is a two-way street. You can’t ask the world of your members without giving something back. Soliciting feedback is an easy and effective way to get your members involved while making some perceived effort.

Conduct your surveys and polls so that they are useful to both you and your members, such as:

  • After an incident
  • At the end of the calendar year
  • Before a big campaign
  • During the membership drive
  • Around the membership renewal deadline

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