8 Communication Barriers to overcome while writing an effective Email

Email is one of the ways for businesses to communicate and the communication is hindered by communication barriers. Communication barriers of various types pose a threat to effective business communication. You cannot communicate efficiently and effectively with your clients and other businesses if the communication barriers are still present in your communication chain.

8 Communication Barriers to overcome while writing an effective Email

The communication chain:

The communication chain is as follows…

The noise refers to the communication barriers. Communication barriers are of various types and affect your communication differently. This is one of the reasons why the communication barriers need to be handled with respect to the kind of barrier they are.

These are the types of communication barriers:

Linguistic Barriers:

they are the communication barriers caused by languages. Different people speak different languages and that is what gives rise to one of the major barriers in communication. The barrier of comprehension. This often arises in people speaking two different languages. Language barriers may lead to misunderstanding and conflicts. In such cases even when the sender and the receiver mean no harm the message itself may sound rude even if the intention was not that and therefore may lose the faith of the receiver. Businesses need to make sure that the true essence of their message is not lost in translation.

Semantic barriers:

when there is a barrier in communication due to the misinterpretation of certain words or symbols they come under semantic barriers. These may lead to a change in meaning of the entire message and may be differently interpreted by the receiver and the sender, due to the communication barrier. This would unlimitedly lead to one message having two or more meanings and the essence of communication being lost because of the various versions of the message flying around.

Psychological Barriers:

because due to the mental ability and mentality of a person, psychological barriers are harder to overcome as they occur due to no pre-existing mistakes and takes place solely at the part of the sender or receiver. The inability to understand a message and the fear of authority are some of the causes of psychological barriers.

Psychological barriers often result in a person not been able to clarify the misunderstanding because of their fear or mentality which makes them believe that their doubts are not relevant or often making that person feel stupid so. It is important for businesses to make sure that there exists no communication gap.

Organisational barriers:

organisational barriers are caused by the organisational structure of the structure of an organisation. These are often found in organisations which are vast in size and operate different kinds of businesses or even if they’re operating the same kind of business they have a very complex structure. Difficulty in filing complaints related to your product or services because of your complex organisational structure would result in a company or a customer losing faith in your business.

It is necessary for businesses to make sure that their organisational structure does not get in the way if their communication and the communication is as effective without leading the customers to believe that the businesses do not care or there is a lag in communication. Complex organisational structures may also have the internal communication of a business; it may result in the employees not being able to reach out to their superiors or any other authority because of the complexity of the organisational structure or the complexity of the policies which a company follows.

Physical barriers:

barriers are the environmental or natural conditions which act as a barrier between sender and receiver or in other words acts of barrier of communication. Are use comprise of noise, natural climate and distance and time. Set of these may vary from a delay in receiving the message to a message not being received to a distorted message being received.

Your mail getting wet because of rainy conditions or a Mail not being delivered because of storms are all part of physical barriers. Message is not sent out in time it may lose its utility or if a message is sent over a long distance but is not received or is lost during the travel it may end up losing its essence.

Technological barrier:

Technological barriers across the weather technology which was used to send or receive a message. They will consist of poor network connectivity, no internet connection, messages being sent to a person who does not know how to operate certain technology and so on and so forth. Technological barriers are pretty common in today’s world as technology is always rising and always innovating which means not everybody knows the recent technology and may face certain difficulty in using the modern technology.

It is often seen that males are sent to people who do not know how to open mails or even few mails and thus you end up losing precious leads which may have turned into customers if You hi had used any other method of communication. They may also be caused because of technology becoming obsolete or crashing or destroying certain equipment.

cultural barriers:

Are caused due to difference in culture of the sender and receiver are often called cultural barriers. Sure and heritage vary from place to place and people to people what might be offensive for one culture may not be so offensive from another. It is because of this cultural difference that cultural barriers arise.

For example it is perfectly normal to hug someone of the opposite gender in America but it’s not so common in India. Cultural barriers often lead to a message coming to cross as ignorant or even culture appropriating when it was not intended to. Cultural barriers may even cause different cultures to riot against one particular message because it is offensive to that culture. So businesses need to make sure that whatever message they send out takes care of the culture and the feelings of the people involved with that culture.

Attitude barriers:

last but not the least on the list of communication barriers are attitude barriers. Attitude barriers are caused by the attitude of the sender and the receiver of a message. A sender may be patronising and his tone may convey the patronising tone which may sound offensive to the receiver of the message and the communication’s purpose was lost.

In the case of a receiver the problem may vary from not wanting to understand the message to being downright ignorant. Attitude barriers can be overcome with a healthy relationship between the sender and the receiver and Mutual respect between the two. Attitude barriers are not hard to overcome and can be easily resolved if there is no communication gap between the sender and the receiver of a message.


These are all the communication barriers which may result in your organisation not being able to effectively communicate with the stakeholders of the organisation or the clients of the organisation. As a business it is your duty to be able to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders and keep these cultural or psychological or any other communication barriers in mind while communicating with the different stakeholders so that the message’s a sense is not lost.


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