Advantages of transactional email

Automated emails sent in real time from a mobile app, web app, or website are referred to as Transactional emails.

Automated emails sent in real time from a mobile app, web app, or website are referred to as Transactional emails. These emails are replies to user engagements on your app or website, and are usually provided through specialist transactional email services.

advantages of transactional email are:-

  1. Show the Variety of Your Portfolio

If a customer purchased or subscribed after seeing an advertisement on your website, it's possible that he never looked around. You have the opportunity to entice the buyer once again with personalised recommendations in follow-up emails, as well as show off some fantastic other goods in your portfolio. This may encourage customers to return to your website, browse more, stay longer, and purchase more.

  1. Make it Personal

Demonstrate to the customer that your website is responsive to his actions. Yes, the fact that the website already "knows" you after your first transaction might be creepy at times. Most consumers, however, are unconcerned about the eerie atmosphere and are only concerned with fantastic deals.

With tailored recommendations, you demonstrate to clients that you are familiar with their profiles and can provide them with more relevant articles, posts, add-ons, products, or whatever your business model may be. If you have a subscription service, offer knowledge base articles that are relevant to the customer's interests in addition to things to sell. This will also improve the appeal of your portal, and your customers will appreciate you by returning to your site or perhaps renewing their subscription.

  1. Time-saving 

 automation allows you to send emails to consumers based on their actions on your website, such as sending a welcome email when a user signs up for your website or sending an email giving a discount incentive when a user abandons an online shopping basket. Once you've created a template, you can use it for multiple email campaigns.

4.Customer Reactivation

Reactivating consumers after specific sales activity is a regular difficulty for online companies. If you provide a 20% discount on Black Friday, for example, the majority of your consumers will be one-time buyers who will not return to your website. What are your chances of luring them back once they've made a purchase?

After that, sales emails are the primary point of contact. In your purchase confirmation or invoice email, include a link to extra products. Then, perhaps, other products or offers interest these customers, causing them to return to your portal. And the chances of tying them to you with a second purchase are far greater than with a first buy.

  1. After selling, sell directly

One of the biggest benefits of using suggestions in transactional emails is that the consumer who receives it is still "hot." This means he made a purchase and received an order confirmation, or his product was shipped and he received the tracking number through email. Both of these scenarios have a lot of room for upselling. Customers like this

are pleased with your online store since they purchased, are pleased that the shipment was completed, and that they will receive their things soon

Perfect possibilities for you, as a store owner, to re-engage these hot customers by sending them transactional emails with product recommendations.