How to create a lead funnel that converts?

A lead funnel is a journey of a customer which leads into a paying customer. Funnel helps filter leads and getting higher conversion. The AIDA model help describe lead funnel.

How to create a lead funnel that converts?
Lead Funnel

How to create a lead funnel that converts?

In order to create a lead funnel that converts, you first need to understand what a lead funnel is and how it works. A lead funnel is a process that takes potential customers and turns them into paying customers. It does this by gradually moving people through a series of steps, from being unaware of your product or service to becoming a paying customer. It is very important to get Leads at first place so for a funnel to work.

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A lead is a connecting link between you (your business) and your prospect who is out there in the real world. A lead usually consists of the following 3 things: 
● Name 
● Email ID 
● Phone Number 

As a business, if you are generating a lot of leads then you will not be able to call all the leads and serve them. Lead generation is required to save time and get potential buyers. If you generate 1,000 leads a day and you have 10 salespeople who can call only 10 leads a day then what will you do with the rest of the 900 leads? So what we need to do here is increase the conversion ratio of each salesperson. Every traffic source online will send you all kinds of leads and we need to filter through them. It's like mining for diamonds. That's what a funnel does for you. A funnel will filter out the high quality leads from a heap of leads and gives you the best quality ones. 

There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating a lead funnel that will convert:

1. Make sure your offer is compelling and relevant to your target audience.

2. Make sure your landing page is well designed and easy to navigate.

3. Make sure your lead capture form is short and easy to fill out.

4. Make sure your follow-up emails are well written and relevant to your audience which will help in Lead nurturing.

5. Make sure your lead conversion process is easy and user-friendly.


There is a very popular model to understand funnels. The AIDA Model. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This makes it very easy to understand. The customer first gets attention to a product, then he is provided interest by sales, he gets a desire which makes him take action to buy. There are various tools which helps create a Lead Funnels online and the most popular tool is Clickfunnels. It has been popularly used worldwide by many top businessman. Start creating a lead funnel today to help your Business scale.