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Our relationship methodology is to understand your business by providing best Email Marketing Services, how technology supports your business needs, and support and prescribe best practices to maintain optimal performance. End to end, we can help you get the most out of your IT investments through a comprehensive analysis of your current environment. We help you to maximize the Business need that brings more customers. Mailcot Email Marketing software solution helps business to generate leads in the market.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Hemant Kumar Meena


Manoj Kumar Meena


Neeraj Sharma

Sales Manager


PHP Developer

Ashutosh Sharma

Sales Manager

Manish Sharma

System Admin

Mohammad Ashraf

SEO Expert

Faizan Khan

SEO Executive

Built on passion and ingenuity

Unlike mega-players in the IT consulting industry, the Mailcot team will base solution recommendations on what you need, not the technology we’re trying to sell. Collaboration is a keystone of our delivery approach. We align with clients, turning engagements into long-term partnerships.

Mailcot applies proprietary methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of projects and improve return on investment. These approaches can also reduce risk and increase functionality according to each client’s needs.

Compared to small niche companies, Mailcot has a far greater scale, geographic reach and more access to exceptional expertise.

And, Mailcot Email Marketing Services provides better communication than pure-play offshore providers because we speak your local language. As a client, you have unmatched access to our consultants. It’s open, secure, mobile and will adapt to your specific business needs. In fact, we often provide on-site account management and always have resources for you nearby.

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