Amazon AI Assistant VS Apple AI Assistant: Who Wins?

As you probably could've guessed, topping the list is Apple's Siri. This an AI assistant nearly everybody knows, and it garnered more attention than any other.

Amazon AI Assistant VS Apple AI Assistant: Who Wins?

Virtual AI Assistant Solution

The emergence of virtual AI assistant has been shockingly rapid, and the market hasn’t backed off yet. You can’t neglect to see the growth of the AI Assistant on the gadgets. The machines are growing. They are arranging our days, ordering our food, reserving seats. The tech has made some amazing progress, moreover, the organizations transparently concede that these are just its initial days.

Apple VS Amazon

Both Apple and Amazon have developed artificially intelligent virtual AI assistant and wireless smart speakers. But in this space, Amazon has a clear advantage.

Apple’s virtual assistant is Siri, and it recently released the Home Pod wireless speaker. Amazon’s virtual assistant is Alexa, and it has a line of Echo smart speakers. The Home Pod is focused on providing a music experience (Apple VS Amazon), while Amazon wants you to use the Echo to control the lights in your home and to manage your daily life. And Amazon’s Echo already has a much higher household penetration than Apple’s Home Pod.

Mr. Holden Says “If you speak to people in the industry, they say it’s a lot easier to work with Amazon because you’re dealing with a much more open ecosystem”.

Let’s Discuss Basic functionalities of these two virtual assistants (Apple VS Amazon):


Amazon’s savvy assistant is available through the Amazon Echo line of speakers and in addition via Amazon’s line of Fire TV and Fire tablets. The Guess Women’s Connect Smartwatch and Huawei Mate 9 are some other devices that support Alexa. There’s likewise an Alexa application, however, the app is expected principally as a supplement to another Alexa gadget and not as a solitary AI assistant. All things considered, it is advancing toward more gadgets and more devices, and there is also an accompanying mobile application.


Siri has advanced the most in recent few years, forming into a noteworthy digital right hand that can deal with a wide range of activities on your iOS gadgets, on the MAC and the latest Apple TV too. Siri’s vacancy on the Mac has been a glaring exclusion for a considerable length of time.

Apple was the beginning head to set a voice-controlled assistant on a phone and Siri has developed from being a fundamental interface to your iPhone’s capacities to something considerably more astute and smarter.

A watcher can request Apple TV to pull up a live stream from within Apple TV apps. So, there’s a great deal of voice assistant action around, however, Siri is as yet the one to beat for Mac and iOS customers.

Let’s further look at them on the basis of their functions in different categories of tasks

General Knowledge

If you compare Alexa and Siri then you will find Alexa perform better. And it gives you best result in according to quality and quantity both. Siri fared the most badly in this category. However, Apple workers protect it as not having been intended to answer the trivia data questions. Alexa scored a reasonable to average rating, for the most part giving strong, quick answers with the context, though it infrequently gave somewhat wrong answers.


Siri recognized the name, plus made it simple to see and sending a message. Alexa is not as direct as utilizing SMS, given it’s held in a Bluetooth speaker, it has all the more third-party workarounds for this, yet it.

Food Ordering and Making Reservations

Food ordering has also become a vital part of everyone’s life. So if you attempt a modest bunch of inquiries regarding the food ordering, reservation at a restaurant. Both of the three digital assistants offers suggestions for a decent eatery, yet just Siri advances to make a call on it by giving a chance to call for reservations or giving directions for getting there.


Siri is at the highest point of the assistants on this one. Not exclusively would it be able to give you a perception of how long it takes you to get somewhere. Siri can likewise automatically begin GPS navigation and offers you directions. While it can get transit directions as well. It performs an unremarkable action of answering inquiries concerning the traffic on the road since it just gets you to its Maps application.

Alexa’s directions suggestions are unreasonable, and it can’t deal with the public transit.

Voice Recognition

It’s time to test voice recognition at different distances from the gadgets and in addition to the changing background noise levels. Siri will understand you well when you will be in silence and near to the gadgets. There were a few mistaken assumptions, like if you ask Siri, “What’s the date after four weeks? It gives the date for one week later, as it befuddled “four” with “for”. On the whole, however, the voice recognition was noteworthy under perfect conditions. Siri is likewise great for managing everyday language, which leads it to feel natural and simple to converse with.

Your best choice is the one that prevails in the categories most imperative to you, working with the gadgets you need in the ecosystem that you utilize. Though with the fast pace of development in the AI technology, it’s difficult to turn out badly by investing time and effort with any of these virtual assistants.