An ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing & Promotion of a Website

Do you know that Quora Marketing is one of the best options for the promotion of a website?

Luckily, you have many options to consider when promoting your website. In this Article, You will know how quora Marketing is helpful in promoting your website.

Nowadays, Quora is one of the best and favorite Content Marketing platforms for new age marketers and for may businesses. People always think that it’s just a “questions and answers” site, but you’ll be amaze to see its potential as a marketing tool in Digital Marketing.

What did Quora mean?

Quora is just a knowledge sharing platform for everyone, where you can get an answer to your questions directly from the users. The Answers which is given on the quora platforms are interesting and informative.

Furthermore, Quora has been introduced several features to evaluate the authority of the contributors. Based on the number of views they get on their answers, which indicates the popularity, relevance, and usefulness of the answers given by them.

An ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing & Promotion of a Website, Quora Marketing, Promotion of a Website

Features of Quora Marketing

Here are some of the features of Quora Marketing which I’m mentioning below:-

1. Following Topics

This is one of the features which helps you to follow the desired topics of your choice. By signing in to your Quora account, you get a list of topics from whom you can choose. You can also follow such topics from the questions itself.

2. Add Answers

This is the feature in which Quora allows you to add answers to share knowledge of your particular insights with the audience. When you click on to the question, from where you will get to see an “Answer Box” that allows you to answer the question which you have clicked on and given the community the relevant content.

3. Answer Request

In Quora, you can request an answer to a question from the experts. You can simply go to the question and click on “Request”. After then, You will get a list of people who have written on that topic. Select the person that you want an answer from and send the request to him/her.

4. Quora Inbox

Quora Inbox gives you provides you with a list of messages from individuals who follow you in Quora.

Why should you use Quora Marketing Strategy?

Some of the points which let you know the quora marketing strategy for the promotion of a website:-

1. Massive Content

Quora is the only content marketing platform with massive search and reach. It gives access to huge audiences and moreover, it is absolutely free for everyone.

If you are writing good and grateful answer you will get lots of followers in Quora. By this,  you can bring lots of followers to your website is a good way of creating some brand loyalty and making your brand more visible.

If you continue to write great answers, your content will be shared with countless readers via Quora feed and digest.

2. Qualified Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, Quora is more of a long-term investment. Building authority and trust on Quora might take a little time. But once it is done, you are benefitted from a secure loyal reader base. Then you can depend on Quora to generate leads for you.

3. Networking

In Networking, Quora does not run on its own. You can certainly take advantage of this opportunity to get featured on some prestigious and make lots of followers for the promotion of websites. This will showcase you as an expert and will help you in your networking efforts.

How to Use Quora Marketing?

Quora is categorized by a question & answer site that is similar to the Yahoo answers, it has many more features than Yahoo answers.

And, We don’t have an exact figure available about the existing number of Quora users, but we can have a fair idea of its popularity by the fact that there are around half a million topics on the site and it attracts millions of views per month.  Many brands are using Quora Marketing as their secret marketing weapon.

How to Answer Quora Questions to Drive Traffic to the Website

  1. Select questions that have enough views & followers
  2. Choose a Question that matches with one of your Blog Post & Add the link
  3.  Provide advice through your answers & link it back to your blogs
  4. Measure the traffic & ROI with Google Analytics

Advertising on Quora

Ad Formats

In Quora, it allows you to create ads in three different formats. Which includes an image ad, text ad, and Promote an Answer ad.

1. Image Ads

While creating an image ad, you have to follow some steps or rule. In that, you have to upload your company logo and an image that will appear beside the text headline and ad description. Therefore, the image should have a minimum resolution of 600X314 and the recommended dimensions are 1200X628. Hence, The company logo should be in a square shape with a recommended size of 500X500. You can use either PNG or JPG images.

2. Text Ads

Text ads are the best way of getting a high return on your investment, and also provides the best way to reach and engage with Quora users.

3. Promote an Answer Ad

This, Quora was initially started to share questions and answers. Thus, the “Promote an Answer” strategy is the best way to acquire customers on Quora. You can promote any of your answers to a targeted audience.

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