An Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Search engine marketing and SEM are one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers. But it is important that you employ organic strategies to attract long-term traffic. Sometimes you just can’t compete on the search engine results page(SERPs) without investing money for it. And that’s where the search engine game comes into play.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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Search engine marketing, or SEM, is using paid advertising to ensure that your business’s products and services are visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). When one of your users types a certain keyword, SEM enables your business to appear as a result of that search query.

To make sure you are able to use SEM to advertise products and services on the engine results page, we have compiled a list of the best SEM tools. As well as the SEM ad auction component.

How an Ad Auction Works

Once you are ready to invest in SEM you have to enter the ad auction. For our purposes, we will focus on ad auctions in Google Ads. In these simple words, we can say that every Google ad you see goes through an ad auction before it appears in the search engine result.

To enter an ad auction, you must first identify the keywords you want to bid on, and clarify how much you want to spend per click on each of those keywords. Once Google determines that the keywords you bid on are included in a user’s search query, you enter an ad auction.

Not every ad will appear on every keyword related search. Some keywords do not have sufficient commercial intent to justify the inclusion of advertisements on the page. For example, when I say what is marketing? In Google, I don’t see any ads.

Additionally, even if your keyword is suitable for an ad, it doesn’t mean you’ll “win” the bidding. Ad auctions have two factors to consider when determining which ads will be placed on the SERPs. Like your highest bid and your Ad Quality Score.

The Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages.  You can see your Quality Score, which is reported on a 1-10 scale, in the “Status” column of your keywords in your Google Ads account.

Your ad will be more relevant to a user as well as how likely that user is to click through and you have a pleasant landing page experience, which are all factors in your overall Quality Score.

SEM Strategy

SEM strategies comes down to optimizing paid search ads with a specific goal in mind. To build a good strategy, you need to understand how paid advertising works and effectively manage the variables that affect performance, such as keywords, budget, and copy.

If you want to earn the success of paid ads, here are some factors that should be factored into your strategy: 

Keyword Intent:

Pay-per-click, or PPC, strategies begin with choosing the right keywords to bid on. This means doing research to determine which keywords to bid on or, in other words, what queries you want your ad to appear for. Start by brainstorming brand terms, words that describe your product, and even words that describe your competition.

If you have a small budget, you may want to focus only on the keywords you want to buy. However, if you have a larger budget, you may find that you have room to bid on keywords targeting the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey and the terms related to your products.

Keyword Volume and Competition:

If no one is searching for your target keywords, you will not get any results from your ads. Plus, keywords with extremely high volumes tend to attract more competition (and, in some cases, lose relevance).

When doing keyword research, keywords with relative high volume and low competition are a sweet spot, but they cannot be easily obtained. It then becomes a balancing act between demand (quantity) and budget (competition).

Keyword Cost:

Ad placement is determined by the specific bid you place for the keyword and the Quality Score that Google assigns to your ad. High bids and high quality ads win a good placement. Keeping this in mind, keywords with high competition tend to be more expensive. A low bid means that your ad will not be shown. That’s why you want to make sure that your competitiveness can be based on how much competition there might be for the keyword.

Account and Campaign Structure:

6 Steps to a Brilliant Google Ads Account Structure [PPC U]

You can bring all your keywords together in one bucket and display an ad for the total lot. But your budget will be eaten up by a handful of high-volume keywords, and your Quality Score will go down. That is why it is so important to organize your Google Ads account properly.

There are several levels of Google Ads campaign organization:-

  • Advertisement – The copy that is displayed for the keywords you have selected.
  • Keywords – the questions you are bidding on.
  • Ad Groups – Groups of similar keywords grouped by theme.
  • Campaign – the highest level for managing ad groups.

At each level, you’ll be able to determine what’s working and what’s not, giving you more information about performance and how your money is being spent.


At the end of the day, when your keywords are selected and your account is structured, you still need to write good ads and “earn” clicks.

An advertisement is made up of a few components: 

  • Title
  • Display URL
  • Description

Understand exactly what searchers are looking for with your query and see if you’ve written any great ads that make your offer attractive.

Also note that SEM is not a set-and-forget-it activity. Ongoing PPC management helps you eliminate budget waste, experiment with ads, and optimize the keywords you’re bidding for to ensure you’re getting the most ROI from your efforts.

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