Automated Email Marketing

The blog is  about Automated Email Marketing

But first we will understand “What is Email Marketing”?

Email Marketing is a way to do marketing through Emails. Email marketing is  the most basic level to promote our business through Emails.

E-mail marketing is very much cost effective, fast, flexible and also, we can monitor our mails.

It is better than traditional marketing. One of the advantages is we can target certain set of people for promotions.

Automated Email Marketing:

Automated E-mail Marketing is just the name implies, it automates the email to your customer and sends them accordingly you define triggers.

These mails are planned emails that are  sent to subscribers at specific time intervals or as a response to the actions of users on a particular website.

They are more just like a Transactional Email that are send automatically when an action is performed by user. Like: “Reset Password”, “Shipping Confirmation”.

These mails can also use to do promotions of website. Like: “get 5% off on your next order”. This kind of mails attract your user to come an order for the next time.

Why Automated Emails are Important?

Following are the key point which define why we use Automated Email for marketing purpose:

  1. It Saves Time.
  2. Helps to Increase the Sale.
  3. It notifies user about Transactions.

Types of Automated Emails:

  1. One to Many: This type of  mails are send to certain set of people. Like promotional Emails, Event Invitation,etc.
  2. Transactional Email: These mails are send to a person on an individual basis, usually as a result of an action they’ve taken. Like “Purchasing mail, Paid bill, etc”.

Following are some Email Marketing Automation tools which provides the facility to do automation of mail:

  • Sendinblue
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailjet
  • Drip
  • Convertkit
  • Infusionsoft

Automation of mail is useful for the growth of business. As it helps to send the automated mails regarding to the business purpose.