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Promote your 4 message with Google Assistant via compatible phones

Google Assistant rolls out a Promotional feature

Google wants the assistant to be more involved in your home. The company’s goal is to get more of Google Assistant so that most of your work can be done with simple voice commands. To that end, Google introduced a promotional feature, which lets you promote your voice through an assistant-enabled phone or smart speaker.

Users were able to Promote every message

The search giant announced the feature in a blog post stating that users are able to use Google Assistant to promote daily messages, make calls to eat, and other announcements to notify family or friends Follow the message “Ok Google, promote” is all that will be needed, which will then be promote on assistive-enabled devices like Google Home. Think of it as your personal smart PA megaphone.

For some everyday things like waking up, eating or settling for bed, Google Assistant also sent a playful message on your behalf. Just “Ok Google, Promote it at dinner time” and dinner bells will ring at all your home homes. And you don’t have to make your voice screaming down the stairs.

Just Say “OK Google” and Promote

This feature can be used whenever the user wishes to pass along a message to inform their friends or family. For example, you are leaving the office for home and want to inform your husband. All you need to do is, “Okay Google, promote I’m at my house!” If you are using the same Google account then the message will be announced on your phone via your Google Assistant and your Google Home or Phone.

promotional is currently underway in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK for assistive-enabled devices in the English language. Google said that this feature will soon be implemented in other languages as well. Separately, the company may also bring ancillary support to the tablet according to the latest beta version of the Google app, which is expected to expand the accessibility of the assistant.

New Google Update for Assistant

Google Assistant

Earlier this month, Google released an update for Assistant that now allows it to identify songs playing around you. All users are helpful and “What’s the song?” And the assistants will try to identify it. When this feature was launched, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL came without any playing feature which continuously listens to the songs playing in your background and shows it on the lock screen. But Google Assistant is now able to identify songs, all Android users will be able to identify songs on the demand of Assistant.

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