Bulk Email Service Provider

Reliable and Affordable Bulk Email Service Provider

Mailcot is one of the leading company in India’s top Bulk Email Service Provider. Most of the businesses prefer to use our bulk email service to send email automation campaigns, transactional emails, bulk promotional emails, newsletters. Mailcot helps many businesses increase revenue, brand awareness and generate more leads.  Since 2014, providing the best bulk email service all over the world.

Bulk Email Service Provider

Bulk Email Service Provider

Mailcot’s email marketing service is being used by people from villages, cities, or states. Cloud-based bulk email service relieves customers of the hassle of building, scaling and maintaining their own email systems.

Best SMTP Server Service in India

With our cloud-based SMTP Server Service you can send bulk transactional emails and promotional emails effortlessly to your mass list without handling your own SMTP server.

Email Marketing Price Plan in India

Price is right that you can do mass mailing cheaply. Spend 1200 INR and get 20k email credits. No matter how big or small your email address list is, the price won’t go beyond your budget

Why do business owners prefer to take Bulk Email Service from us?

We’ve won the trust of 10,451 businesses with our bulk email service. We have been providing our bulk email marketing service since 2014. We are the leader in all service of email marketing. Our cloud-based bulk email service replaces our in-house email infrastructure so that businesses can use our bulk email service without having to install email marketing software or configure their own SMTP server.

Send your message to right person at the right time!

Run a Conversion Marketing Campaign

Spend a little time designing attractive emails with Mailcot’s drag and drop editor. Get your email delivered straight to the inbox and engage more people using bulk email marketing features like segmentation, personalization and A/B testing.

Powerful sending email infrastructure

Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Scale quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails.

Email Validation

You must know to whom you can send mail. Integrate Email Validation API, detect bad emails in real time and remove it from your email address list, send emails with 0 bounce rate.

Improve Email Deliverability

Our technical team monitor your account, always monitor and track your IP and domains, give monthly email’s health and performance, this our technical team pour extra level of diligence to improve email deliverability.

Swiftly Setup and Integration

Active your account by sign up, then verify your email and your are ready to use Mailcot’s bulk email marketing service. Then verify your DNS record so that we know that you are the owner of the domain that you claim to send the email from. Wherever Email fits into your app, deploy the code, or plug your SMTP credentials into your tool of choice.

Real-Time Tracking

Sending thousands of emails every day and you do not know whether your email strategy was successful or not, it is a waste of both time and money. So track each email from open rate, bounce rate to conversion rate with a real-time tracking tool and improve your strategy until you succeed.

What is Bulk Email Service?

Bulk email service allows us to send unlimited emails in a day. Bulk email is a standard way to send a single email or multiple emails to our bulk email address list.

Bulk email service is one where you can send one email to multiple people at a time, or you can send unique email to each person according to their interest, time, age, or location. Bulk email service providers enable you to send unique emails to each recipient by providing a template for changing the information.

Send bulk emails with the recipient’s name, this builds a trusting relationship with the customer.

By the way, bulk email service is mostly taken from bulk email service provider for the use of newsletter or marketing email (promotional email).

bulk email service
Importance of bulk email service

Importance of Bulk Email Service

The main objective is to promote a business, sell goods and develop trusting relationships.

  • Bulk email software helps you to target your right audience and you can get some valuable and potential customers for your product/service.
  • Bulk email software that filters out your audience will also help you get the right message to the right audience.
  • You are able to design subscription form to get more new subscriber.
  • Users easily manage subscription or opt-out process (want to add in email list or want to remove).
  • Over 1000+ attractive email templates design which are easy editable and mobile friendly.
  • Effortlessly send personalized bulk email with recipient name.
  • Schedule and forget – Schedule your bulk email campaign for any amount of time and then forget it, as the email bulk software will automatically send mail at that scheduled time.
  • Can send transaction email as per audience action
  • Bulk email software will automatically generate monthly performance reports.

How Does Bulk Email Service Work?

When a brand, business and company has more than 500 email customers then they take the bulk email service from the bulk email service provider to send the bulk emails. Spend 1200 INR per month and get 20k email credits. To take advantage of this offer, signing up. Follow only easy 5 steps and you are ready to take your business sales at the next level.

  • Register: Fill all the personal information properly in the registration form and click on the signup button. Your account will be created automatically with your username. You are now ready to send bulk emails.
  • Export Email List: Export Your Subscriber Received List In an email marketing framework, detect bad email addresses that harm sender reputation with Mailcot’s email validation and now you will get healthy sending email list
  • Create Campaign: Select “create newsletter” in your account then choose your mass mailing list for the campaign. Choose “Segmentation” grouping your list’s email addresses as per the interest, need, location, age or lot more. Input “Sender name” and “From” address (your email address should be with your domain name, such as your business is “Vmayo” then your should be like sales@vmayo.com).  Never forget appealing “Subject Line”.
How does Mailcot bulk email service
  • Design Template: By the way, Mailcot has provided a complete gallery of over 500 ready-to-use templates that is editable, and designed an attractive email template with the help of the drag and drop editor. Users have full freedom to change color, font, text, and image and also add some additional image, text, links, button.
  • Send Email: After the template design is in fix, review everything one more time and confirm that everything is perfect as it should be. Then click on “Send” button.
  • Real-Time Tracking: After sending a bulk email, don’t forget to track the customer’s response to the email campaign. Marketing via email is useless if you don’t know how the customer reacted. Real-time tracking tools show you statistics that are useful for improving campaigns. Generate data reports on open and closed emails, delivery errors, unsubscribe recipients, link clicks, etc., and run the next email campaign with multiple improvements

Features of Bulk Email Service Provider


Design beautiful email templates including text, images, videos, graphics, gifs or call-to-action buttons. Can also use 500+ readymade amazing responsive templates design


Send email with personal details like name, address, location. Build strong relationship, increase engagement, and interest


Segment your email address list according to people’s particular interest, age, gender, or geographic location, send an email and have more chances to open.

A/B Testing

Test multiple emails with different body content and subject line, whichever email gives the best result, send it to all your subscribers.

Tracking Tool

The real-time tracking tool will generate a report in real time about the email open rate, bounce rate, call-to-action rate, conversion rate, and more.

24/7 Technical Support

Everyone may have problems at any place anywhere, for that the experienced team of email marketing is ready to support you 24/7.

Trusted Business Clients

Mailcot takes pride in its service, that our Email Automation Services, Email Marketing Services and Email Bulk Services serve 14500+ clients including top brands in India. We are making a better impact on our customers’ success journey. Look forward to better delivery in the future.

Our email delivery service is the most capable of delivering superior email delivery. Our progressive email marketing strategy provides the best email bulk service in India and makes us a leader in email marketing service. You are seeing that top brand companies of India are preferring to take reliable email marketing service from us.

What are the opinions of people before and after using Mailcot's bulk email service?


What is Bulk Email Campaign?

A bulk email campaign is a promotional email or newsletter email campaign that sends bulk promotional emails to a mass mailing list. Bulk Email Email Campaign allows us to send unlimited emails. Although bulk email campaigns help us to nurture leads, drive more sales, increase customer loyalty, build trusting relationships, increase brand loyalty and awareness, the customer gets important information on time and much more.

Why Bulk email marketing is important?

Not many of us know, email marketing gives good return on investment, when we spend 1$ in email marketing we earn 40$ ROI. Secondly, we can segment the mass mailing list according to the consumer’s interest, age, location, previous purchase history, by doing this we get a good response to the bulk emails sent. The most profitable marketing tool for sending promotional emails is called bulk email marketing.

Can we send free bulk email with Mailcot?

Yes, you can send 500 emails per day for free. You can also export unlimited customers. When you apply to authenticate your free account, you will not need to provide your card details at signup, and anytime you can cancel your account.

What is the difference between bulk email and transactional email?

Bulk email is intended for sending emails to large mailing list, and consists mostly of promotional messages. Transactional email is based on action, it is one-to-one triggered by transaction or user’s personal activity. Transactional email is send at real-time according to the user action. Transactional Email example is Order confirmation mail, shipping status email, verification mail, thank your registering email, OTP email, password reset email, order cancelation email, and many more. Promotional email example is when you receive a email from ecommerce website like Myntra, Flipkart, amazon, Ajio, bewakoof.com and many more other website.

When is bulk email counted as spamming?

Bulk email counts as spamming when you are sending unlimited unwanted emails, or doing cold email marketing by buying email lists from someone. Send emails legally by following anti-spam laws such as CAN-SPAM, and the email contact list must be 100% opt-in. Send an email to people who have received an email address through the sign-up form or through any additional ways.

How many subscribers can I keep in Mailcot?

Whether you’ve got Mailcot’s free bulk email service or a paid one, you can store an unlimited list of subscribers.

Which software is best for email marketing?

I will not tell any one the best, nor will I say that Mailcot is the best, the best is the one where you get satisfaction from the service. Now you must be thinking that how will you get satisfaction without using it. All you have to do is check out the list of some of the best bulk email service providers, activate the free plan of whichever you think is the best, start sending mail, as soon as you get the satisfaction from their service, then change the free to paid plan.

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