How do I clean my email list for free?

What is Email List Cleaning? 

Email list cleaning is the process where it keeps the email list updated always. Cleaning up email lists is a process of regularly updating mass email contact lists by removing reluctant contacts and becoming more responsive to recipient preferences.

It’s not going to be much beneficial to you if you have a whole bucket of email lists of uninteresting people, hence the need for an email list cleanup process.

In this article you going to learn How do I clean my email list for free?.  Please take 3-4 minutes out of your busy schedule and read this entire article.

How do I clean my Email List for Free?

Low open rates, low email click rates and high email bounce rates certainly hurt your email delivery and lower your domain reputation.

When fewer of your emails arrive in the recipient’s inbox. This is when it basically tells email clients like Gmail, that people don’t want to receive email from this IP address, and assumes it’s bad. That’s why your emails end up in the spam folder.

A high bounce rate or a high unsubscribe rate can actually block emails from reaching the inbox as well as demolish your business email marketing strategy.

Now you can get rid of all these hassle like emails end up in the spam folder, reduce email delivery rate, or lower domain reputation

You can do a process of cleaning email list in two ways: manually and automatically.


Automatically, there are several mass email list cleaning software is available. They would be clean your mass email list in one hit. I know to most popular email list cleaning software Zerobounce and neverbounce.


You can clear email list for free, it involves some manual work process I am going to tell you.

1.Clean the hard bounce

clean email list

The email is not getting delivered to the email address due to some permanent reason.

Permanent reason may be:

  • Email Address may be invalid
  • Domain or email address is doesn’t exist
  • Various email server of the recipient has blocked your delivery

Additionally, the soft bounce is occur when email is not getting delivered to the email address due to some temporary reason.

Temporary reason may be:

  • Email quota of recipient server is full
  • Recipient email server goes down.
  • Message size is too lengthy for the recipient’s inbox

Difference between hard bounce v/s soft bounce

Typically, many email marketing service providers automatically remove email addresses that appear in hard bounces. But if it doesn’t, do it manually.

Keep an eye on your hard bounce rate, when an email address seems like a hard bounce, delete it immediately. Also check soft bounce and revise your strategy immediately as soon as you find the reason for soft bounce.

2. Check Emails that looks like Spam:

Email address like , these types of email is looks a spam.

These types of emails clearly look like spam. Sometimes people give their emails intentionally wrong or just for fun, and your email list gets filled up with all these useless spam emails. Strictly find out these spamy looking emails from your mass email list and clear your email list “Make them more healthy”.

Keeping your email list healthy and spam free should always be your top priority.

3. Avoid Unsubscribers

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Take care and respect those who unsubscribe from your email newsletter and do not wish to receive your email further. If you also send emails to candidates who have unsubscribed from your email, it will adversely affect your domain and IP reputation.

Reputable email marketing service providers like Mailcot and Migomail automatically delete unsubscribe email addresses and will put them in another folder.

If not automatically then do it manually. If not automatically then do it manually. Permanently remove the unsubscribe email address from your mass email list database.

4.Take care of misspellings

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Mistakes happen to everyone. But it’s up to us to fix it.

Do you remember, sometimes you type gamail or gamil instead of Gmail, or sometimes you forget to put @ “”, sometime you write email address wrong instead of All these little mistake can you cost.

Thoroughly check your email list and quickly correct misspelled email addresses.

5. Get rid from Duplicate emails

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This will be a common problem for those who run multiple landing pages and lead generation campaigns.

People often give you our email address multiple times to get your special lead magnet. So you have the same email multiple times in your database and your database gets filled with duplicate emails.

Ask your email marketing team to remove all duplicate email addresses, and include only one email per person.

Tips on how to clean email lists, it seems that you all well know about cleaning email lists. Get rids from “bad seeds