Digital Intelligence – Impact of Digital Intelligence on Business

As there is an advancement in the technology it is enabling businesses to better target the audience across the globe. We all live in the Digital era where the companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram and more which collects information and tells algorithm by having the knowledge of information about us. Today’s mobile world Digital intelligence become important has it transform digital data into real time, actionable, customer centric insights and impact business decisions. First of all we would understand the concept of Digital Intelligence than its Impact and benefits on Business.

Digital Intelligence – Impact of Digital Intelligence on Business

What is Digital Intelligence?

Today the work is being dominated by technology we need new ways of thinking to be effective. The ability to acquire and apply new knowledge and skill is what do we called an intelligence.

Thus, Digital Intelligence involves to understand the customer that how often they visit your website or mobile app.

Hence, using their data to optimize their experience no matter what, where and how often they use your website.

Impact of Digital Intelligence on Business

Most of the firms believe that using the Digital Intelligence will able to increase the growth rate of business. And this technology is widely adopted by many firms across the globe.

We will understand that how business would impacted by the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

1. Build Customer Relation

If you look at any business you will find one common thing i.e, it’s customer. Customer plays a vital role in any form of business. Today if we look at some successful business the one thing you will find in common in them that how strong they have a customer base.

In my life, there were two sorrows in one year. After that, my mental state was greatly shaken and I had to turn to a specialist. I was assigned a course of Valium (Diazepam), thanks to which I was able to survive relatively calmly what was happening, otherwise, I do not know what could have happened to me.

So having a good relation with customer is really important for business. With the help of an Artificial Intelligence you will be able to build customer relationship. There would be a sentiment software which would be aligned Digital Intelligence Technology. So we don’t need humans to understand customer sentiment. By the help of a Artificial Intelligence you will be able to increase the customer experience pretty well.

2. Helps In Decision Making

As the Artificial Intelligence associates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. So Organisation now able to automate various functions like data recording, analysis, contact management and Lead Ranking. It also able to provide customer lifetime value information through which it would be helpful in decision making.

Cyber Security

3. Helps in Improving Cyber Security

One of the most common thing that any have is their data which contain tons of information about the company. The reason behind to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to track and identify behaviors consistent with fraud. So using the Artificial Intelligence make your information by using Cyber Security solution.

4. Best Recruitment Practice

With the Artificial Intelligence powered video interview platform could able to utilize bio metric and psychological behavior of candidates easily able to detect candidate tone of voice and body language. With the help of Artificial Intelligence you will be able to hire best candidate in contrast to his job role.


Artificial Intelligence is not here to replace all the processes run by humans. But the it is there to make the work of the humans easier and make it cost effective plan for the organisation. Because without humans one cannot think of running the machines. Hence this technology is being used for the machine learning to analyze the customer behavior which is also be helpful in decision making, business processes and finally helps in improving the cyber security of company to avoid fraud activity.