Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence: The new Growing Technology

Artificial Intelligence is a science of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, in the same manner, the intelligent human brain thinks. AI is all about studying how the human brain thinks, and how humans learn, decide, and work while trying to solve a problem, after that depending on final result developers developing intelligent software and systems. In this article i am going to tell you about the Disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence: The new Growing Technology

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence(AI):

1. Lack of control over decisions taken by the robots

According to the research of Quartz 

On specific tasks, the survey found the most opposition (67%) when it comes to jobs demanding judgment, such as evaluating job candidates.

Most of the unease seems to stem from a “lack of trust in technological decision-making,” says Pew. Respondents cited machines’ lack of “creativity and insight of humans” to justify keeping humans more in control of any automation.

2. AI replacing Humans

The idea of machines replacing human beings sounds wonderful. It appears to save us from all the pain. But is it really so exciting? Ideas like working wholeheartedly, with a sense of belonging, and with dedication have no existence in the world of artificial intelligence. Imagine robots working in hospitals.

3. Misuse of AI

If the control of machines goes in the wrong hands, it may cause destruction. Machines won’t think before acting. Thus, they may be programmed to do the wrong things, or for mass destruction.and an inefficient individual.

4. Job losses

There is little doubt that artificial intelligence will displace many low-skilled jobs. Arguably, robots have already taken many jobs on the assembly line – but now this could extend to new levels. Take, for example, the concept of driverless cars, which could displace the need to have millions of human drivers, from taxi drivers to chauffeurs, very quickly. Of course, some would argue that artificial intelligence will create more wealth than it destroys – but there is a genuine risk that this will not be distributed evenly, particularly during its early expansion.

5.Lack of judgment calls

Humans can take unique circumstances and judgment calls into account when they make their decisions, something that artificial intelligence may never be able to do. One example occurred in Sydney, Australia, in 2014 when a shooting drama in the downtown area prompted people to make numerous calls to Uber in an effort to escape the area. The result was that Uber’s ride rates surged based on its supply and demand algorithm – there was no consideration involved for the circumstances in which the riders found themselves.