Dual-SIM supported come to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Dual-SIM supported to come to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR: Which one to Best?

Apple launched its 2018 iPhone line-up at its ‘Gather Round’ event held in Apple Park yesterday. Called iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, the new iPhones are powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic processor. Here we compare iPhone XS Max with iPhone XS.

Apple’s new iPhones are unlikely to help revive the company’s market share in India, with retailers fearing the Rs1 lakh price tag will be a drag on sales after the initial euphoria subsides due to the availability of more affordable Android flagships from Samsung and OnePlus.

The new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be priced at record highs when they go on sale in India on September 28, after factoring in the rupee’s depreciation against the dollar and a 20% import duty, two senior industry executives said. The iPhone XR touted as the ‘affordable flagship,’ starts at Rs76,900 and will be available from October 26, about two weeks before Diwali.

The company’s distributors in India have informed retailers that Apple will for the first time offer ‘affordability schemes’ such as cash back and easy EMIs on certain credit cards right from the launch date, unlike earlier, when they were introduced after a few weeks, the executives said.
“Despite the aspirational factor, the lakh-plus pricing has made the new iPhones unaffordable for a lot of consumers.

20% customs duty for not assembling here in India is making iPhones costlier. To draw an analogy, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 global price is similar to iPhone XS but since the former is assembling in India, they managed to launch at Rs 32,000 cheaper than iPhone XS India price,” he said.
Apple’s share in the Rs 30,000-plus premium smartphone market in India, slipped to a record low of 13.6% in April-June from 29.6% a year earlier, with China’s OnePlus becoming the leader and Samsung No. 2, according to Counterpoint. Shipments of iPhone fell 40% in January-June from a year ago.
The executives said Apple has indicated that the iPhone XS and XS Max will be launched only in six or seven large cities in India initially and supplies will be limited to create a buzz.

iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Dual-SIM supported to come to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

It might sound like 2012, but Apple has finally introduced dual-SIM supported for its 2018 iPhone lineup — iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. But Apple has given a major twist to the regular dual-SIM card slot with e-SIM. The new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max come with one regular nano-SIM card slot. To enable another SIM connectivity on the new iPhones, you will have to opt for an electronic SIM or eSIM from your telecom operator.

However, retailers expect the Android flagships to also get promotional offers during Diwali, which may further attract consumers.
“Apart from the die-hard loyalists, it might be difficult for Apple to sell the new flagship iPhones in India and the initial euphoria only for the first one month at most,” said the chief of a multi-state mobile phone retail chain.
Along with the launch of the new models, Apple is cutting prices of older iPhones by as much as 30% in India. Two models — iPhone 6s and SE — assembled in India and would escape the 20% duty burden.

iPhone XS Max

what is an eSIM

So, what is an eSIM? eSIM a virtual SIM ID that generated by a telecom operator. It that SIM ID simply registered with the IMEI number of your phone/smartwatch. There is no need to purchase a separate physical SIM card for it. For the layman, you can simply think of eSIM like Apple is providing a blank SIM card inside. The new iPhones and the telecom operator will simply ‘write’ SIM unique ID on it. Of course, eSIMs can be changed and ‘rewritten’.

Apple had first introduced eSIM with the launch of the Apple Watch 3 Cellular in India in May. And with the new iPhones, it seems we headed toward a SIM-less future.

iPhone XS

Only Airtel Postpaid and Reliance Jio offers eSIMs in India right now

In India, only Reliance Jio (both prepaid and postpaid) and Airtel (postpaid) offer eSIM connectivity at present. So, if you wish to use two SIM cards with the new iPhones then you will have to use either Airtel postpaid or Reliance Jio (both prepaid and postpaid) on the second SIM.

You can convert your existing physical SIM number into eSIM

If you already have an Airtel Postpaid or Reliance Jio connection. Then you need not get a new number for just eSIM registration. You have the option to convert the regular SIM number into eSIM. For example, if you have Airtel postpaid and a Vodafone SIMs. You can convert the Airtel number into eSIM to use it as the secondary number on the new iPhones. So that while inserting the physical SIM of Vodafone in the device.

eSIM is free right now but?

eSIM is free right now but you may have to pay for it in future. Thankfully, both Reliance Jio and Airtel postpaid is offering the eSIM connectivity for free in India now. In the US, users have to pay around $10 extra every month just for having an eSIM.

While it is free in India right now, in future telecom operators may charge. And additional rent every month just for offering an eSIM. Also, there could be an additional charge for eSIM during international roaming.

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