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Email Bulk Service - Mailcot

You are able to send bulk marketing, transactional, promotional, education, professional or different types of emails to your mass email list without hassle.

Mailcot is popular for bulk email service in India. Mailcot is the first choice of many businesses for bulk email service, where the business uses the bulk email service to send bulk transaction emails, promotion emails, email marketing campaigns or newsletters to the mass email list all at once. Across global many organizations use Mailcot’s bulk email service to generate more revenue, know user interest, and increase brand awareness. We have a great technical and non-technical experience in email marketing as we have been providing bulk email marketing service since 10 years.

Best Email Bulk Service Feature

  • Easy-to-setup Tool
  • Real-time Tracking Tool indicates an appropriate response of customers.
  • Responsive Templates
  • Email Validation
  • Remaining email credits are added on next renewal
  • 20k Email @1200 INR/ $17 Starting Email Credit Plan.
  • No need to install Email Software or set up SMTP.


Mailcot's Email Bulk Service

Our mission is to make Mailcot’s email marketing service the first choice for every business owners and to become world-renowned. You know that Mailcot is perfect for small to large businesses. We render a reliable bulk email service with secure email infrastructure, and mail server spread across the all global cloud data center.

Our bulk email service pricing plan has been designed by our marketing team to be cost-effective, truly everyone shocked when they see our pricing plan for the first time. Our secure bulk email delivery software infrastructure sends emails securely after updating customer’s SPF, DNS, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI records. With real-time analytics you can easily track each email, get the reason for the bounce rate, improve IP and domain reputation, and monitor all customer activity. Technical support is available 24/7 for IP, spamming, or any technical or non-technical issues.

Why Corporates choose us

Mailcot subscribers receive emails from different organizations. Different types of email marketing have different objectives like newsletters, Promotional Emails, Welcome Emails, and Marketing calendars.

It is an easy-to-use Mailcot platform with excellent tools to create beautifully and highly engaging emails.


Try sending one bulk email at a time through any free software, surely your email will be received in the spam folder or bounced back. Mailcot and Migomail have come up with a technical solution to all these problems, where email is handled securely and IP improves reputation. Design a beautiful email and we make sure your email will always be received in the recipient’s inbox folder.

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Dynamic Email Editor

Our developer team have developed dynamic editor to our customer, now they will use a drag and drop editor to design a beautiful email, and engage more customer through click-to-action button inside email.

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Real Time Analytics

You’re sending a bulk unlimited email and you don’t even know who opened the email and who didn’t. Best email bulk service provider offers you a real time analytics tool to track each email’s open rate, bounce rate, IP reputation, Domain Reputation, hard bounce, and examine each activity from open rates to conversion rate.

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Technical Support

The technical support team is available 24/7, you can contact them via chat, phone and email. Our technical team members has more than 5 years of experience and have a clear solution to all the problems related to email marketing service.

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Pricing fit for Best Email Bulk Service

While we are focusing on solving the mail communication of the businesses, their owners can have more time and focus on their core responsibilities.

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Why is the GST not included in the price?

GST’s aren’t included because GST’s vary from country to country. For example, it may sometimes vary from 5% to 25%, so to be more accurate about the price, the GST is excluded. For example – Germany has a 19% GST, while France has a 20% GST.

How do I remove the branding on my emails and forms?

We add our branding to the bottoms of subscription forms, popups and newsletters if the creator uses the free plan. Branding is removed once you move to one of our paid plans or switch to the credits system.

Does mailcot provide a dedicated IP addresses?

Normally the IP reputation is shared between most users. Dedicated IP addresses provide you with absolute control of your email reputation. It’s automatically set up for all accounts when they exceeds 50,000 subscribers for no additional cost.

I accidentally made a purchase. Can I get a refund?

Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes, right? Mail and we’ll review the case if it really happen which will result in a refund most of the time.

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