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Email Deliverability

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Email Deliverability

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Various types of advice are flying around the internet which is informing business marketers about Email Deliverability. To avoid spam filters we need to ensure top inbox placement hidden engagement metrics that keep email marketers up at night. And, yes there are some things we can do as a marketer to ensure top inbox placement.

An email service provider (ESP) is providing services to us. Unless employed as the head of deliverability at a large corporation have the own in-house email sending architecture. A lot of the advice is there for email deliverability which doesn’t apply to us. Also, to build an understanding help us to select the right email service provider.

Email deliverability is also known as Inbox Placement as it is an important topic. This tells us about the working of spam filters and secondly, tells us about the traveling of email on the internet. This defines the 76 key terms of email deliverability.

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Facts about Email Deliverability

Facts about email deliverability

  • It measures the chance of email to the recipient’s inboxes, not spam folders. This is also known as Inbox Placement. This examines technical factors that affect an email’s journey. It is done between pressing send and landing in inboxes.

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  • With low deliverability, many messages are destroyed to the spam folder.


  • It is not similar to the delivery rate.


  • It helps in measuring the percentage of sent emails delivered to an inbox provider server.



What do you understand by Spam in Email Marketing?


Email Deliveribility

For understanding email deliverability firstly, we need to understand what is spam in Email Marketing? The First email came. Then came the spam after then spam filters. Therefore an email marketing service providers and inbox placement concerns came into existence.



Spam is classified as an email needs to meet two criteria:

  • It is unwanted or unsolicited. This means the recipient does not ask for the email.   
  • It is sent in volume to various recipients as it is a commercial offer.


SpamA recipient explains to us about spamming, not the sender. Signing of recipients in email marketing and then forgetting about it is unfortunately still a type of spam because it is unwanted. We need to provide the option of unsubscribing from the email list to every email which we send to our recipients. If an email is spam, decided by any contact then they have a quick and easy way to stop receiving emails from us.

As an email marketer, it is not your duty to decide whether your email is spam or not, this will be decided by the contacts.


journey of emails

An Email’s Long Journey


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Step 1: Clicking Send

We click send and the message is left from the outbox. At this time, we need to compose a mailing and clicks send to distribute the message to different recipients waiting for it.


Step 2: Leaving the MTA (Message Transfer Agent)

The message is passed through outbound filters of MTA. Before the transfer of the message an agent (MTA) releases our email from the server or ESPs to the internet. It is checked by internal filters. If ESP is not doing its job when it doesn’t have internal filters to set up for monitoring and catching spam.


Step 3: The Internet Travelling

Tiny bits of data have a journey of messages from router to router on the internet. Traveling from router to router the runner who carries the messages gets mixed with other types of email messages sent around the world every day.


Step 4: Survive from Gateway Filter

ISP’s gateway filter checks the messages and enters the server or it gets rejected. It is the first step to filter our message which may encounter. Moreover, if it fails to guard this gate it may not be coming into the server of ISP’s.


Step 5: Sorting with Internal Spam Filters

When the message is passed through internal spam filters, it is sent to the inbox, spam folder or it is rejected completely.


Step 6: Passing with Black-Box Filter

A black-box filter is also known as a personal filter that sorts the message into inbox or spam. Evens so, it functions at the level of the inbox and learned through recipients’ previous choices. As they are always machine-learning filters.


Step 7: Landing in the Inbox

The message is achieved through inbox placement. The message arrives when it is expected to go. Whether the message is opened by the recipient or not it is all up to us as a marketer.



       “Spam and Email Go Hand-In-Hand”   email filter

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