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Mailcot Email Delivery Service

An Email Delivery System for Improved ROI

Email Delivery Service

A Good Email Delivery Service Improve Sales Rate.

Mailcot is one of the best email delivery service provider in India which dont allows spamming and you can send transactional emails withput any delay. We assured email delivery is our concern after sign up. Join the service and enjoy your weekend with your loved one.

Sign Up Today & Start Sending Emails.

Get 7 days free when you sign up now.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your Campaign and forget the delivery.

Drag & Drop Editor

Draw attractive Email campaigns with drag & drop editor.

Campaign Tracking

Track every email you send, clicks and Bounce

Live Testing & Preview

Sen preview on an email id with dynamic data

Email Automation

Create fully Automated email campaigns

Social Integration

encourage your customer to sign up email newsletters

The measurement and understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing message into people’s inbox. Despite the fact that they sound about indistinguishable, “email delivery” and “email deliverability” are two unique measurements. Sadly, numerous advertisers utilize the terms reciprocally, which just adds to the disarray.

At the time you enter in the field of the entrepreneur then you enter in the field of battle. And in this battle, you are going to compete with your dream and with your work because in that condition you have to push yourself in the battle and the only one condition you have to win in the battlefield.

Successfully email deliverability is your email touching base in the inbox of your beneficiary as planned. Fizzled email deliverability is the point at which your message is either directed to the garbage/spam organizer or totally obstructed by a Web Access Provider or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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