Email Marketing India

Target More People With Email Marketing India

Today you are able to send bulk emails to all your 10,000 or more email subscribers through Email Marketing India. Everyone uses email marketing India to increase their sales. Design your email like a beauty magnet so that more people will like your email behavior and continue to interact with you. Email marketing has the power to track every email you send with a real-time tracking tool.

  • Improve the Sales Funnel with Drip Marketing
  • Welcome your new subscriber by sending a welcome email
  • Use Segmentation to Keep Your Email Address List Clean
  • Only after verifying the email, add that email address to your email address list
  • Send Abandoned Cart Messages and Transactional Mail
  • Reminders, Greetings and Renewal Emails

Bulk Email Marketing Service India

Mailcot has best bulk email marketing service plans to send unlimited emails. Provide bulk email service mostly in India, USA, UK, Italy, Europe and many more countries.

Best SMTP Server Service in India

SMTP Server for reliable and secure email marketing in India. You can send bulk email even if you don’t have your own SMTP server. Send transactional and promotional emails effortlessly

Email Marketing Price Plan in India

The best thing about Mailcot is that its email credit plan is the cheapest, 20k email credit at 1200INR. Whether your email list is big or small, the price is always within your budget.

Why do business owners in India prefer to take email marketing from us?

Mailcot is a trustworthy all-in-one email marketing solution service used by over 10,000 businesses in India when they need a bulk email service, marketing campaign, transactional email, promotional email, or email newsletter service – Sending e-mails without worrying about the daily limits. Mailcot has been providing its email marketing service since 2015. Mailcot aims to help businesses reach the right customers at the right time, drive sales and increase brand value through its email marketing services.

Best Email Marketing in India

  • Design Beautiful Email via Dynamic Editor
  • Track Email in Real Time
  • Tool to improve Email Deliverability rate
  • No need to handle your own SMTP server
  • Reliable and Secure Email Marketing Infrastructure
  • Best for all types of business i.e. small or large
  • API Integration

Leading Email Marketing Service Company in India

Our premium email delivery infrastructure provides you an efficient and better email delivery. Our reliable and secure email marketing does our best to make us the leading email marketing company in India. All the top brands in India like to take email marketing service from us and we are their first choice too.

Our cloud-based SMTP server makes email delivery so easy to send transactional and promotional emails without having your own SMTP server.

Features of Email Marketing India


Design beautiful email templates including text, images, videos, graphics, gifs or call-to-action buttons. Can also use 500+ readymade amazing responsive templates design


Send email with personal details like name, address, location. Build strong relationship, increase engagement, and interest


Segment your email address list according to people’s particular interest, age, gender, or geographic location, send an email and have more chances to open.

A/B Testing

Test multiple emails with different body content and subject line, whichever email gives the best result, send it to all your subscribers.

Tracking Tool

The real-time tracking tool will generate a report in real time about the email open rate, bounce rate, call-to-action rate, conversion rate, and more.

24/7 Technical Support

Everyone may have problems at any place anywhere, for that the experienced team of email marketing is ready to support you 24/7.

Trusted Business Clients

Mailcot takes pride in its service, that our Email Automation Services, Email Marketing Services and Email Bulk Services serve 14500+ clients including top brands in India. We are making a better impact on our customers’ success journey. Look forward to better delivery in the future.

Our email delivery service is the most capable of delivering superior email delivery. Our progressive email marketing strategy provides the best email bulk service in India and makes us a leader in email marketing service. You are seeing that top brand companies of India are preferring to take reliable email marketing service from us.