Social media marketing and the content used, are excellent means for nurturing leads through the sales funnel but with limitations. These two have their own limitations. To get site content in front of leads requires high search rankings for relevant keywords. Similarly, social media posts have a short life span with a lot of competition. There is no guarantee that the content published on these channels will discover. Therefore, email marketing is the way to increase the percentage that the content created will be consumed.

By adding email marketing strategies of modern world to existing lead nurturing efforts, one can deliver the right content, at right time and at right place. You can easily deliver personalize content directly to leads on a channel they  monitor on daily basis or actively.

B2BSix Basic Tips For Marketer


Use Account Based Marketing Approach to Target

Today,s email marketing best strategies are less like social media marketing and more like account based marketing. Instead of casting a wide net with an email blast , leads must be segmented into groups. Email blasts are dead. For nurturing leads, you must segment customers into groups according to their buying journey. This is simple if you have a list of contacts who’ve downloaded gated content. Try to determine particular positions in the buying journey or previous buying behavior that each piece of gated content caters to. And then follow up with individuals who have downloaded that content. Email marketing services help you to segment individuals and deliver emails according to their interests.


Optimize Emails for Mobile 

If emails forgo mobile optimization then you will definitely lose a huge portion of your audience. Most of the emails are opened on mobiles, there is few percent of audience who open emails on desktop. Structuring the content is important too. Always lead with the most important information to grab attention immediately. Use short and strong paragraphs for easy reading on mobile.On the top, must include your call to action. Make sure buttons and links are big enough to tap easily.


Engage With Trigger-Based-Campaigns 

Trigger based email marketing automatically send emails to individuals based on their actions. Trigger based campaigns really shine in nurturing lead when you adopt a marketing automation platform.

For instance, a trigger-based campaigns could send a welcome email , send a thank you email and send a reminder or discount code.


Personalize Emails

Personalized emails are more likely to be opened and will lead to more click rates. It is an effective means to build relations. For referring leads you should start with their names but there are many other ways to take personalization to a further step. Use DOB to send messages on their birthdays, send a thank you promotion message at that particular date on which the person subscribed and send messages from personal account instead of business account. This will make the conversation more one-to-one.


Customize Dynamic Content

It is also known as ‘smart content’. In  dynamic content email displayed differently to each recipients based on collected data. The very first step is determining what data is important and to cater customers needs utilize the data correctly. Like utilizing age, gender, etc will help you connect real contacts with buyers personas. This will be a guide to dynamic content decision making .


Make Emails Interactive

An interactive email shows the functionality of web page. It saves time on the recipient’s end and then they can respond instantly and easily. Interactive email will lead to increase sales and revenue.