Top 4- Email Security Systems to protect your emails

With privacy becoming the biggest concern for consumers and business, email security systems are the primary way, in an era where the rise of technology is prevalent and ruling everything, to protect the information sensitive to a business. Business need to secure their network to save themselves from potential hackers and crackers.

Not only does phishing and hacking effect the business negatively but also may end up in a business losing customers. There have been numerous cases in which the twitter account of various brands have been hacked and many unwanted texts were tweeted.
Imagine if someone hacks into your business email server and sends customers unwanted texts.

This will not only be a damper on the reputation of the business but will eventually cost you a lot of customers. In this article we bring to you various ways and apps to maintain your email security.

The top 4 email security systems to protect your business email:

  • Sophos:

Using Artificial intelligence, this email security software uses predictive security to safeguard your business emails. This is the email security software of tomorrow and constantly updates itself to cater new threats on the cyberspace.
Extremely efficient in filtering zero day malware, unwanted application and spam.

Its ultra-advanced anti-ransomware technology and behavioural analysis, helps neutralise attacks and event the most recent viruses and cyber attacks.

It also analyses the reputation of a website sending you an email, before filtering the mail to reach your inbox. This is truly a new age email security software which can protect your business email from all kinds of malware attacks.
It can easily integrate with different softwares like office 365, google workspace, etc. Its one-time-click URL technology as mentioned above can block stealth attacks.

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  • Avanan:

The winner of numerous awards, this email security software, stops attacks before they even reach your inbox and works seamlessly with your existing security. It is deployed in the cloud and scans for threat after your existing security and before your email. Because of this, the email security software is the best against insider attacks and breached accounts.

The email security system deploys in a few minutes and protect your entire cloud. This is arguably the best security system for office 365 and also offers a free trial of 14 days, where you can purchase it if you like the way the security system works. The Email security system does not only protect the email but also apps like onedrive or g suite.

This is a whole in one package and protect your data against phishing, hacking, malware attacks, etc. The email security system personalised its security, based on the employee communication patterns, historical email etc. One of the most advanced security system, Avanan is truly one of its kind.

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  • Mail channels

Mail channels as an email security system provides both inbound and outbound filtering services and can protect your emails both the ones received and the ones sent out. Hackers have a way o exploiting vulnerable user accounts and use them to send spam and attack your data. Mail channels protects from from this kind of attack.

Their inbound filtering is a cloud based spam filtering services, helps protect your email from malware attacks. Their MailChannels IQTM, solve the problem of email being sent to junk wrongfully. They have a 24/7 customer support service. Their outbound filtering services provide a solution delivery problems cause by IP Blocklisting.

The email security system uses sophisticated algorithms to spot spam-like trends in the stream of outgoing email coming from the business email server. It attaches itself to your SMTP server and starts protecting your “mail channels”.

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  • Mimecast:

Mimecast as a email security system is a policy based security system which integrates with your secure email gateway to secure your email. The email security system safeguards the emails sent to your customers, employees and business by blocking malware, phishing and more.

It uses sophisticated softwares and technology to identify threats and block them even before they reach your inbox. The email security system uses tools like DLP, content control, and end-to-end encryption through Mimecast Secure Messaging.
Just like Sophos, this email security system also provides a website check up when you click any URL, to stop attack from suspected sources. It also provides protection against impersonating email.

One of its unique features is being able to detect and neutralise brand imitation on the internet to protect you brand’s reputation and uniqueness. The email security system also aims at spreading awareness about cyber security and how to fight against cyber attacks.

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This was the list of the top 4 email security system, present in the market today. These email security systems provide your email delivery system and cloud with the strongest protection system there is against malware and other cyber attacks. You can use any of the security system to protect your data. You can tell us more about how to secure your data in the comment section below.

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