Gathering Leads through LinkedIn and Twitter

When someone is starting a lead generation campaign in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn, it is important to be able to pull the leads from the different conversations that happen on these platforms.

Gathering Leads through LinkedIn and Twitter
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With internet, one can use social media to generate prospect inbound leads for their business. If you are unsure about the areas to focus or meet the lead generation objectives, according to the recently published HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Annual Report, social media can produce double the marketing leads than trade shows, direct mail, PPC or even telemarketing.

When someone is starting a lead generation campaign in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn, it is important to be able to pull the leads from the different conversations that happen on these platforms. This article by best SEO Company in India suggests two different methods by which social media can be used to generate the necessary inbound marketing leads for the business.

The Twitter Chats can be called frequent scheduled discussions held by the Twitter account. The chat would be using the particular hashtag. This would enable the users of Twitter to follow the conversations even if the topic would alter with each new discussion. The targeted audience communities participate in these chats and therefore they provide a huge potential for the leads.

To begin with, the company can participate in Twitter through two different ways, one is either by joining the existing Twitter chat that is related to the industry and the other is begin with a separate Twitter chat. Whatever be the route chosen, it is imperative to join in chats that are relevant and where potential customers would be participating. This would help in the brand gaining visibility with the right people. The relevant and subject oriented chats can be found in the library of the existing Twitter chats. When deciding to participate, it is important that one is a good participant. This would help in inciting the prospect leads for the business.

The hashtags set by the host should be used. All questions and answers that would facilitate in illustrating the forte of the company should be explained. It is important to stay on the topic and avoid pitching the services. This is a place to establish credibility. The company can establish credibility by joining conversations that asks for valuable insights and tips.

Research on other participants especially those who have tweeted on your behalf, and follow people who can be potential customers. Tweets with these connections other than the chat, and when the time is appropriate, pitch in the direct message with links to the content and other relevant marketing materials. It is time to be sensitive and strategic in the pitch and not spam, over tweet or be vague about the relationship. When the conversation is right, a message can be sent across that refers to the business offerings. Focusing on building relationships would help in garnering the potential leads.

The top digital marketers in India would suggest using the LinkedIn Groups. These groups are made of different subject areas. Bringing the professionals together, they would come in to discuss about the selected topic that would be relevant to business. The potential leads can be found from the existing groups or the creating one that would focus on the expertise.

In LinkedIn, one can join up to 50 groups; the focus should be on the right groups that would be perfect for the business. The directory of groups can be searched for the relevant match. Discussions can be joined and connections can be established with the members. Posting consistently on the content relevant to the topic or by participating through the existing conversations by providing answers or resources, the company can make connections.

People ask questions and it is important to bring value. The first step is to identify the group members and constantly ask questions related to the line of business. Answer questions publicly and follow them up with an in-depth message by using the Reply Privately option. One of the most overlooked feature, this is a good tactic for generating quality leads wherein one would be able to provide value and build trust. In this private section, the entire answer should be provided. It is important to let them know that the company is available to chat extensively on the subject if the need be. Once there is a call, the conversation can be turned to potential leads for the business. The focus should be first on establishing credibility by sharing relevant information and then take the relationship to the next step.

Marketing is not enough. Many would suggest using the two social media platforms in generation of prospect leads. To know more about marketing in social media platforms, contact us at