How Digital Marketing Companies can Adopt Aws Cloud

How Digital Marketing Companies can Adopt Aws Cloud? If you are new to AWS, you may know that it has dozens of sophisticated technologies to play with.

AWS  ( Amazon Web Services ) can provide you the tools to make your digital marketing. Digital insights from, and utilize your data to create effective digital marketing campaigns. There are various aspects of the AWS Cloud that can help boost a digital marketing campaign. And Digital Marketing Companies can Adopt Aws Cloud.

Here we Discuss the How Digital Marketing Companies can Adopt Aws Cloud use and the benefits that our services bring to their business.

How Digital Marketing Companies can Adopt Aws Cloud

Create your own Web hosting

you could create a high performance hosting to support your WordPress sites. And product landing pages and e-commerce apps with top-notch technologies. Although, If you are building your own hosting for your high-performance websites, web application or mobile app, it is NOT recommended to deploy Cpanel/WHM.

Significant Savings

Cost reduction is one of the most compelling benefits of associating with AWS Cloud if you need to deliver operations of seasonal nature.

Database costs can also be reduced remarkably if you are using database management solutions offered by AWS. However, the cost-saving benefits of AWS Cloud are only available to those agencies that are working with an expert team. So as far as the experience of operating in the AWS ecosystem is concerned.

However, if you are planning to build an automatically scalable and complex system. Because it would be a highly daunting task unless you have the support of cloud systems engineer.

Create Your landing Page

You could run your highly scalable. Available Landing Page at almost NO cost. So, With Amazon S3, you could design and deploy your HTML static page, instead of buying a server or hosting on Amazon EC2.

Build A Loyal Customer Base

Customer expectations are forcing media agencies to acquire cloud hosting services. So, with a profound understanding of the cloud because a great number of IT startups are already familiar with the cloud systems. Also, such an environment, it would be certainly better if you are in tune with your customers by adopting AWS applications.

AWS improve Your SEO Ranking

By adopting the AWS Cloud and including all their technologies. you are improving by default your website and application SEO ranking. Because if you adopt AWS best practices, such as separating your database using AWS RDS, deploying CloudFront CDN, enabling GZIP, adding a Load Balancer. And distributing the requests to multiple domains. So, it results to improve your page load speed.

Dedicated IP per website for SEO

AWS enables you to create websites with unique IP addresses per each one of them. To accomplish this task, you need to attach an Elastic Network interface per each elastic IP and assign an elastic IP to each interface.

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