How Do You Offer Email Marketing Services

Email marketing provides an attractive service. This increases revenue for the agency while providing results to clients. We take a look at some of the services your agency provides to clients.

How Do You Offer Email Marketing Services

Offer Email Marketing Services:

Email marketing provides an attractive service. This increases revenue for the agency while providing results to clients. We take a look at some of the services your agency provides to clients.

1. Create a email marketing strategy:-

There are three types of creating an email marketing strategy:

  • Set Goals
  • Identify Email Campaigns to Send
  • Plan the Content you Send

Set Goals:- You can work with your customers to understand their business, what the growth opportunities are and the goals of email marketing.

For some, this may be to increase sales from customers, while others want to convert more leads into paying customers. And you can help your customers understand your business and their opportunities with email marketing goals.

Identify Email Campaigns to Send:- Its purpose is set on the nature and the customer. What email campaigns should they send so that, for example, a carpet cleaning company can generate maximum sales from customers. So a newspaper can also be a great way to do newspapers with materials based on carpet cleaning.

On the other hand a clothing retailer is being served a good service by sending out promotions and promotional campaigns so that people can see their website or brick and mortar efforts are made to get the location.

Plan the Content you Send:- Sending emails requires a content and is based on the email marketing goal of the customers and the broader business model.

You can work with them to identify the right ingredients. Which helps in bringing the desired output from the email campaign.

2. Set up email lists and integrate with other apps:-

As an agency, you are likely to have a lot of technical expertise. This expertise allows you to provide integration services to help your customers get set up with the email service provider (ESP) of choice.
This may include:

  • Creating an account with the chosen provider
  • Customer list collection and uploading
  • Adding Membership Forms to Their Website
  • Integrating CRM, ecommerce or accounting software to automatically send customer information to the email provider
  • Recommend apps and integrations to help you meet your goals.

3. Provide a reliable email marketing tool:-

In addition to providing email marketing services, agencies can also provide email marketing tools to clients. You can use built-in email marketing tools like agency features and you can private label your product as a set sub on the domain. And you can show it to customers as if it’s your email marketing tool.

You can use a simple agency interface to manage all your clients in one place. and give login to each client. Allows you to manage lists, send campaigns and view reports.Offer Email Marketing Services

4. Design and develop email templates:-

One of the benefits of email marketing is that businesses can deliver messages and offers to their customers with their own branding, beautiful imagery, prominent calls to action, and more. To help make these email campaigns easier for end users, email tools like Campaign Monitor enable the creation of branded templates that end users can easily drag-and-drop content into.

45 free email templates from professional designersUsing the technical expertise and design skills that agencies have, you can design and develop beautiful email templates that your customers can easily drop by and send content.

5. Create and send campaigns:-

Mailcot makes it very easy to create and send email campaigns but there are always going to be customers who love what you do for them. It is a better way for you to provide valuable services to your customers. You can take ideas and materials from their companies. And you can turn them into on-brand emails pretty ready to be sent to customers.

Create a new campaign - Gumbamail

You can also send your customers a free trial campaign to get their approval before sending it to their customers.

6. Set up automated customer journeys:-

The best businesses are moving beyond sending one-off email campaigns and using marketing automation to create powerful automated customer journeys that send the right campaign to the right person at the right time. Marketing automation is as easy as setting up triggers, defining rules, and creating content.

Marketing Automation Across the Customer Journey

You can set up any number of customer visits using email marketing automation to help drive results for your customers:

  • Welcome Emails:- Set up an automated email that welcomes new customers or customers when they join the list.
  • Reminder Emails:- Set up automated emails that are sent to remind customers of upcoming important dates, such as service due dates for their car, or that their payment plan is expiring.
  • Lead Nurturing Emails:- Set up a series of automated emails that are sent to people inquiring about your clients’ products and services. And educate them on why they need your customer offering and increase their chances of becoming a paying customer.
  • Event Reminder Emails:- Set up a series of automated emails on the days that lead to the specific event your client is hosting, reminding attendees that the event is coming and increasing their chances of attending.

7. Report on campaign success:-

For each campaign you send, you can see how many people opened it, how many clicked, and even the exact parts of your email campaign that people connected to. This is valuable information and you can report back after each campaign to show your customers how important your email marketing services agency is.

How to Price Email Marketing Services:

With an in house design and technical origin, your agency is in an ideal position to provide email marketing services. Which helps your customers to increase the income of the customers.

But how do you charge for these services so that you can improve revenue for your agency as well?

There are a few models you can charge your customers for email marketing services depending on your exact business and how you work with customers but there are a few things involved:-

1. Hourly Rate:-

Basically the best email marketing functions are, you can collect things from your customers and upload email lists, and integrate, design and develop their website and CRM templates, which we offer on an hourly rate. do charge.

2. Pre-Packaged Setup:-

It’s best for customers who want to send their campaigns on their own, but need help getting started, you can offer a setup package. I also include the address of the person who collects your email lists and uploads your email. Creating and training templates for campaigns using email marketing tools.

3. Full-Service:-

Full-service is a great option for customers who understand the value of email marketing but don’t want to do it themselves.

A full-service option is to include and set up their account (collecting and uploading their lists, template emails, etc.), but also creating and sending campaigns and reporting on results.

This type of full-service offering typically charges a monthly fee based on the number of campaigns being sent and is a great way to secure reliable recurring revenue that you can depend on.

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