How does GDPR affects on Email Marketing ?

GDPR prevent personal Data of European Union citizen. GDPR implemented on 25 may 2018 when people rely most on cloud platform. GDPR has had a huge effect on email marketing policy.

How does GDPR affects on Email Marketing ?

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. European Union (EU) drafted and passed the world's strictest privacy and security law GDPR. It imposes liability on the organization anywhere, whenever collect or target the data relating to people in the European Union. The regulation was implemented on May 25, 2018. GDPR takes strict action and imposes harsh fines against those who breach its privacy and security. 

Why GDPR Imposes?

The Europe is singling its rigid stands on data privacy and security as people store their data into on cloud platforms and breaches occur daily. GDPR law is itself huge, specific and fairly light, GDPR adherence is quite difficult especially to small or medium organization. 

GDPR applies when the organization processes the personal data of an EU citizen or provides certain services or goods, regardless of whether you are from the EU or not. 

Some Legal terms of GDPR

Personal Data:- Personal data is a type of information that is related to personal identity. Personal data includes name, address, phone number, address, bank details. Web cookies, biometric data, political opinions, ethnicity, gender, and  religious beliefs can also come under in personal data.

Data Processing:- When any process takes place on personal data either automatically or manually. Process might be  recording, collecting, structure, organizing, sorting, optimizing, cleaning and many more.           

Data Subject:- the person's data being processed. The person can be your customer or new visitor.

Data controller:-  A person who takes decision why and how the data will be processed.  The person can be in the form of owner or employee of your organization.

Data Process:- Data controller empowers processes personal data to third party. A GDPR has been imposed special rules on third party individual and organization.

How does GDPR affect on Email Marketing?

1. GDPR Encryption and Security

Gather, store and use the data of people in the EU then the GDPR applies on you. This means you have a liability to change the organization fundamental ways of collecting EU people's data. GDPR strictly requires data protection by design and by default, this means organization definitely consider data protection suggestion of any existing or new product or services. GDPR list of the principal of protecting data must be comply, should be adopt appropriate technical measures to secure data. Encryption is already mentioned in law as a technical measure to protect data in the event of a data breach and to minimize potential loss of data.

Encryption is the most practical option in email marketing. Email marketing encryption is evolving rapidly and many reputable email marketing solution provides end-to-end encryption solution. cloud based and secure email is become a most suitable and feasible option.  

In email encryption, encryption mixing up all the content it become a unreadable form that have a key to again convert it into a readable form. A public key infrastructure use to encrypt email data and private key is use to dcrypt email data at receiver end. Assigned a public and private key in the form of digital code to everyone. 
Public key is store in key server along with personal data like name and email address of sender. Everyone access the public key but data decrypted by private key at the receiver side. 

2. Email Retention Under GDPR

Deleting data is the biggest concern in GDPR. It is also written in the GDPR six data protection principles data says that data must be store "data deletion is not necessary for the purposes for which personal data is processed". Data deletion is comes under the data protection polices. Data subject have control to delete their personal data from data controller.

In email marketing data erasure activity have contain much importance under European Law GDPR. Data cleaning will increase our IP reputation and email deliverability rate. Responsibility rate increases when we kept large amount of unneeded personal data of subscriber If someone's personal data is stolen in the event of a breach, you will need to be prepared to pay a penalty fee. To get rid of this breach, you should pre-analyze your company's email retention policy with the goal of reducing the amount of personal data stored in mailboxes.

Regulations needed you to be capable to show that you have a policy to balance your valid organization interest against data security under GDPR. Email data erasure is quite easy, often it depends on how many subscribers unsubscribe our email newsletter, how many subscriber never open our email, or how many are not intrested to get our email, calculate all these data and erasure all unneccessary data.

3. Email Marketing SPAM

Spam has always been considered illegal or against the terms of use of most email service providers. A better email marketing service will provide a value to a recipient and send email which subscribers would be interested. It must be fair for the data subject and always establish a transparent and unambiguous communication with data subject. The GDPR clarifies the terms of consent, requiring organizations to ask for opt-in in order to be able to send communications. remember , you have to make easy for well-deserved people to change mind-set and opt-out option. if email marketing does not features unsubscribe option, and sending email to those who never signed up for it before or dose not send advertising email to those who already know for it, is it violating the GDPR.

4. Email Security 

Email encryption is a major aspect and is handled by the technical team. 91 percent of spamming occurs with phishing emails. The attacker tries to gain access to your account or device through spoofing and malware. Always keep in mind that you should never click on any links or download any documents in an email that you may have received from an unknown party, once an attacker gains access to one of your accounts or device, it often has access to all accounts or devices. One mistake will cost you huge amount of data loss. If you cannot demonstrate to regulators that you have implemented the appropriate technical and organizational measures, you could be on the hook for hefty EU fines and compensation for data subjects. Migomail teach our technical team about email security and periodically update SPF, DMARC and BIMI record for email security.

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