How is AI Technology Used in Digital Marketing

The basic questions of every digital marketer revolve around the messages they put out – what to send, to whom, when and through which channel. With the growth of big data, marketers now have far more information than ever before to get these answer from. However, big chunks of data often end up further complicating the problem. As managers simply don’t have the time or the ability to sift through the data and derive meaning from them. This is where artificial intelligence comes in.

Best Artificial Intelligence Solution

Because of its ability to filter and segment unstructured data and detect patterns in it, AI can identify opportunities and automatically act upon them. And the more an AI system does this, the faster and more accurate it becomes. Over time, the entire execution of an online campaign can be handed over to AI, while managers can focus on aspects of business where human intervention is required, such as innovation and brand growth.

And this isn’t just a futuristic vision. AI in \\ marketing already exists and is making the lives of customers and marketers easier every day.

Search and filtering

In 2015, Google rolled out RankBrain, its new AI engine for processing search results. No longer would search algorithms work on rule-based, easily tweaked metrics. Machine learning can master the search algorithm on its own, guide results towards the most relevant options and give direct responses to direct, conversational queries such as “How old is Jennifer Lopez?”

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Have Swiftkey enabled on your phone? Then you’ve already used NLP technology. This is a field that focuses on a computer’s ability to learn and be capable of processing the nuances of a human language to the level where it can infer meaning and offer responses. When a machine can understand sentiments and opinions rather than just keywords. Brands can understand and work with customers at a broader level and tailor their responses to what the customer really wants.


AI-powered chatbots are starting to take over traditional live chats, and for good reason. With 24×7 service, the ability to retain and track customer buying information, the ability to handle several requests simultaneously and an always-friendly attitude. AI chatbots can be a game-changer in terms of customer assistance and site engagement.

Predictive analytics

With the help of AI, marketers can extract information from huge datasets. And they can use it to identify user behavior patterns, predict buying trends and devise targeted marketing strategies. For instance, Google’s DoubleClick manager is a pivotal tool for AdWords professionals. It automatically recommends strategies based on the target audience and campaign goals. Again, the Adobe predictive analytics tool analyzes large volumes of data based on predefined business objectives. It uses data mining to create and validate a model, and apply the results of the model into business decisions.

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