How Telemarketing can help Small Businesses

TypicallyTelemarkeitng offer two different types of telemarketing solutions, that is inbound and the outbound telemarketing services. Both kinds of telemarketing services have unique benefits to offer to businesses. However, which among the two will be best for your business completely depends on your varying requirements. 

In today’s internet world phone conversation have lost its value. In fact, the majority of people prefer texting and instant messaging over telephonic conversations. Calling is significantly less effective than it was in the earlier days, particularly when you see the various options of the voicemail, emails, opt-outs, intercoms etc. available for communication in organizations and businesses.

However, this does not imply that the phone has become obsolete. It just requires a much more intelligent and well-blended communication strategy to help any business grow.

Here are a couple of ways in which telemarketing services can be beneficial:


Such calls can bring valuable feedback to your doorstep. You can better understand the customers’ opinion and review your products and services. You can further discuss with your team and improve your products and services. This helps to enhance customer satisfaction.

Competitor Analysis

If you wish to grow, it is extremely essential for you to map the performance of your competitors. You must research the strategies they are utilizing and understand the offers they provide through telemarketing. Before you begin telemarketing services, you must have this information with you to be able to succeed and reach out to the right target audience.

Some business organizations have a long list of clients. This makes it extremely difficult for their internal team to make numerous calls, as it is time-consuming. Deciding not to call these customers may seem to be an easier strategy since time will be saved, however, you must know that it will not be beneficial in the long run. Your customers must be reminded of your existence and your proposition from time to time.

Lead Generation

Any business organization, whether it is a startup or small business, needs to generate leads for revenue and profits. Here’s how it happens – business owners have the desire to sell their products and services. They identify a target market that is ideal for them and define the objectives of reaching out to this target market. These leads are cold and there isn’t too much expectation from these prospects.

Soft Lead Generation

Cold-calling is a popular way of generating conversations with leads. You call prospective customers, tell them about the products and services, discuss deals and offers and try to convince them to make the purchase. However, soft lead generation is slightly different. It is a technique to understand whether a prospect is actually worth the effort and would he/she have any interest in your business in future.

This requires a tightly-scripted approach, wherein 3 to 4 basic questions are asked before the final “Would you like to talk to/meet one of our experts to understand the product or service better?” question. This way you are soft-selling. You are not overtly disturbing the consumer and you have an idea whether this call would be beneficial or not.

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