How to Send a Perfect Birthday Email

Everyone knows what birthday emails are. A birthday email is an email that you receive on your birthday.

How to Send a Perfect Birthday Email

Everyone knows what birthday emails are. A birthday email is an email that you receive on your birthday.

But what you may not know is that birthday emails perform impressively well in email marketing:

  • Birthday emails receive a 481% higher transaction rate than other promotional emails.
  • Birthday emails generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails.
  • And birthday emails get 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

Therefore birthday emails provide solid email marketing performance. There are two factors that affect birthday email performance:

  • Birthdays provide an organic reason for reaching customers. People send birthday emails to their friends and family. Therefore customers are accustomed to receiving happy birthday emails. Actually, customers expect birthday emails. And, they like it. Who enjoyed the birthday wishes and gifts?
  • Birth dates are consistent and predictable. This makes it one of the easiest marketing emails to automate birthday emails. Therefore, you never miss an opportunity for conversion.

Why Send Birthday emails?

First and this may be the only reason you need it birthday emails can make a lot of money. Serious revenue is 342% more revenue per email than promotional email. But birthday email can also set your company apart from the competition.

Many companies ignore birthday email. Or, businesses do not collect the data required to send a birthday email campaign. Therefore, sending birthday emails will give you an edge in attracting customers’ attention.

Additionally, a large number of companies that send birthday emails send poorly designed emails that do not change. Luckily, creating quality birthday emails is easy. Once you finish reading this post, you will be able to send better birthday emails than your rivals. This means that sending birthday emails is a reliable and low-cost effort to differentiate your brand and increase your revenue.

How to create a birthday email campaign that changes

There is an important step before the actual creation of your birthday email campaign: collecting customer birthdays. This step is because many companies do not send birthday emails at all – they do not collect birthdates on any of their lead capture forms.

Determining where to capture a customer’s birthday is the first step in sending a birthday email.

Take the date of the customer’s birthday:-

This step is quite straightforward. There are some ways to collect a date of birth without interfering:

1. Email Membership Form:-

Giving birthday gifts is a great way to encourage people to sign up for your email list. And, it organically collects the birthday of the customer. So, such an email sign-up form requires you to get data from external voice and get more email subscribers.

2. Account Registration Form:-

It is one of the best places to collect birth dates. Most people are accustomed to add their birthday when creating an account. Looking for a birthday here will not disrupt the customer experience. They probably don’t even remember what you asked until they got that birthday email!

3. Email Service Provider Preference Center:-

Most email service providers provide a user-friendly interface where customers can manage their preferences. This preference center also enables customers to edit personal information, including their birthdays. However, people cannot think of adding their birthday to their profile, unless you prompt them or it is necessary to subscribe. You can remind customers with a quick email to set their birthday in their profile.

Use discounts and offers

It is the birthday of the customer. So, give them something! In addition to meeting birthday expectations, this is a good way to fulfill your promise to send a birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Email Template Surprise GIF | Happy birthday email, Birthday email, Email templates

Here’s how you solve both of those challenges:-

1. Use a dynamic discount code:-

Dynamic discount code is a unique, one-time-used code that cannot be leaked into the public domain or used by other customers. The good thing about dynamic discount codes is that they do not need to be completely random; You want to, but format them.

2. Send bulk discounts:-

There are two broad categories of rebates: percentage and dollar off.

  • Both can produce conversions. However, large numbers yield better results. This means that you need to calculate the maximum exemption that you want to give. Then, do some quick arithmetic to determine if the dollar number is off or the percentage will give you more numbers. Use a larger number in your rebate.
  • 10% converts better than $ 5. But, a $ 10 discount will often exceed 5%, even if 5% is actually more than $ 10. Large numbers only seem like a big discount.

3. Offer free shipping:-

The third category of discounts is free shipping, it works well as a birthday discount.

Since customers get only one birthday discount per year, you cannot increase the frequency of purchases. Therefore, increasing the value of each birthday sale is the best way to increase your income from your birthday email campaigns.

Automate your birthday email

Birthday emails are the easiest to automate. If you have collected the client’s date of birth properly, then you know when to send the birthday email. Therefore, automating your birthday email campaigns on any email marketing platform is simple.

Send birthday order

Your birthday email sequence should be two or three emails. Most people will not use the discount on their birthday. But, they want to use it. Your job is to give them a reminder, so that they don’t forget about their birthday gift.

  1. pre-birthday emails:-

    This email is optional. But, it is useful for maximizing conversions, as it gives you the opportunity to create anticipation and urgency. And, you can use it to give the customer more time to use their birthday discount.

    The first email in your birthday sequence can tell the customer that you are going to send them a gift on their birthday, so that they know how to see it. This creates anticipation, which helps increase the open rates for your birthday email.

    Or, you can include a birthday discount in the email before your birthday. If you go this route, also let the customer know when the discount is expiring. This brings urgency to your offer, which can lead to more conversions.

  2. Real birthday email:-

    Birthday email is a must. Obviously, always send an email on the actual birthday. This is where you discount your birthday, even if you sent it in an email before the birthday. Also, remind the customer when the discount code expires. This way your offer removes the urgency, even if you have not sent an email before the birthday.

    This birthday email from New Look is almost perfect. Simple birthday eCard layout, key call to action, with a strong discount. It has also been said that this offering is ending. However, this proposal will be further strengthened when it expires.

    The Complete Guide to Birthday Emails (for 2021) | Campaign Monitor

  3. Post Birthday Email:-

    The post-birthday email will take customers who want to use their discount, but haven’t gone around it yet. This may sound external, but post-birthday email greatly increases conversions. Your post-birthday email should arrive two or three days after the customer’s birthday and 24 to 48 hours before the discount code expires.

    How to Send a Perfect Birthday Email

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