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Email marketing for finance services is the process of setting up email strategies and delivering highly targeted and personalized emails to your customers. The Finance industry has taken a big leap in the last few years with the advent of technology. All are playing a very important role in email marketing. For many finance enterprises in India, it serves as a major generator tool and provides an opportunity to build a finance reputation.

The finance industry in India is growing very fast, so Mailcot Email Marketing Services is a better approach for finance leads. And every financial sector is competing against each other to stay on top, so the well-designed email template here (either this transaction or marketing email) works. Email marketing facilitates the customer to finance a product or service and earn maximum revenue by selling these products and services.

Email Marketing is still profitable for Finance Industry. Mailcot offers the Best Email Marketing Services to an Finance Industry. Send bulk emails of transactional or promotional with no delivery limits. You can schedule and run n number of email marketing automation campaigns.

  • Schedule an email marketing automation campaign to announce products to specific customers based on your interests.
  • Send transactional emails when customers interact at your store or on the website like email address confirmation/registration address, order confirmation emails and purchase receipt, password reset, feedback emails, reactivation email, welcome email, and many more.
  • When a new product or service arrives in the Finance industry, send a promotional email to your email list for advertising, email to make your customer aware of new offers, discounts or sale.

Services We offer

Email Marketing

We do offer Email Marketing Services for your Business which will help you with engagement of the customers.

  • Email Platform
  • Email Segmentation
  • Email Blasting
  • Re-Engagement
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Marketing Automation

Our Marketing Automation Solution with help your business to target your audience with re-engagement.

  • Email Automation
  • Email Series
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Transactional SMTP

Use our Transactional SMTP Service to relay your emails through our network with fully secure and authenticated way

  • SMTP Service
  • Send Signup Mails
  • OTP Mails
  • Email Authentication
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Use our Email API with to connect your system and route your email traffic to our highly secure and reliable network

  • API Integration
  • Email Connectivity
  • Email Plugin
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