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Reinforce your credibility and earn trust by sharing the latest health news and expert advice in a monthly or biweekly newsletter.

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Improve Medical Services by Using Our Healthcare Email Marketing

Let’s sending emails and start cultivating long-term patient relationships By doing so, you share the most relevant content to the right person at the right time and place. It does not help to share discharge and recovery information about a surgical procedure before they even know what their treatment options are. 



Segment your audience by age, marital status, and other attributes.


Load your email list names, custom demographic data, videos, and images.


Personalize your content or healthcare-related message based on consumer data.


Custom reports allow you to view real-time data at a glance.

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Mailing Solutions For Healthcare & Medical Industry, For Online registration, Automate communication with patients, handle a large volume of Mails with artificial intelligence, free guides about preventative care, help to inform schedules about regarding timing, hospital updates, or information about any events hosting.

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Email Segmentation

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Marketing Automation

Email Automation

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Why Choose Mailcot Healthcare Email Marketing for Medical Industry

Our email templates make it easy to start sending email marketing campaigns. Create an elegant email that looks great on any device with our drag and drops editor or creates an email code on your own.

Be the first choice of people by using mailcot email marketing

Mailing solutions for Healthcare & Medical industry are one of the most heavily regulated industries, it isn’t usually possible to follow the same marketing traits as, say, the retail industry. By using Healthcare Email Marketing create content to relate to your clients and make your services a valuable part of their of the biggest advantages of e-mail marketing is this will result in new best customers, multiplied revenue, and strong client loyalty doesn’t cost lots. In realityin many cases, sending a monthly e-mail newsletter to your patients could cost you nothing extra than a while.

Pricing Simple,

Over 5,000 paying customers to trust Mailcot to deliver more than 325 Millions emails every month.

Subscriber Plan

Starting Price


per month

No. of Subscribers 1,000

Include Drag & Drop Editor

Subscriber Unlimited


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SMTP Server Plan

Starting Price


per month

No. of Subscribers 20,000

Validations – DKIM , SPF , DMARC

Monthly Campaign Unlimited


Email Credit Plan

Starting Price


per month

No. of Subscribers 20,000

Include Drag & Drop Editor

Subscriber Unlimited



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