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What is Autoresponder and how to set up AR Series

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Autoresponder is the email message that is sent automatically to your subscriber mailing list. It is simply a sequence of email marketing messages that propagate delivery to subscribers in a certain order and frequency that the sender decides.

It is beneficial for email marketing as you can deliver your best content, in the best possible frequency and order, to all your subscribers. Also, you can turn leads into customers and establish a long-term relationship with them.

There are many autoresponder software providers available in the market.

For instance:-,

How to Set-up Auto-Responder Series?


  • Decide the number of self-triggered emails you want in your series.


  • Decide the frequency of emails you want to send.


  • Create a whole series of automated emails.


  • In addition, mention the order in your email service provider.


Before sending it to the customers, test the whole series to ensure that everything works properly.

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