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Blacklisting of Domain and IP

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Blacklisting of Domain and IP


Question is what is Blacklisting?


Blacklisting is when a domain or IP start sending spoofing mails in bulk or are regular in malicious activities. Then, that Ip or domain gets block on several places so that they will not be able to send mails.

There are several tools online which filters the IP and domain and put them in a block list.

IP Blacklist:

When malicious activities are observed on a Ip then that Ip get blacklisted, protecting the receivers from getting a piece of spam.

Domain Blacklist:

When malicious activities are observed from a domain then that domain get blacklisted.

These blacklisted IP’s and domain can also be removed by using tools that are available online. But removal of IP can take particular time period starting from 30 minutes to 30 days or more. And it depends on the spam content that particular IP or domain was doing.

Reasons for Blacklisting:


Spam trap mail Id’s

Spam Keywords

Email Content

High volume of bounce

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