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Drag and Drop Campaign


Drag and Drop Campaign is a part of an automated email marketing strategy that includes sending pre-written messages according to a predefined schedule. By drag & drop campaigners you can make beautiful responsive campaigns and also send it to your recipients in a very short span of time. With this, you can add multiple features to your email like a link to any social media application. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), image, video, graphs, etc. This is simply by dragging your required feature and dropping it to the desired position. This helps in generating or increasing customer engagement. Therefore, these campaigns are attractive as well as interactive.

At the same time, such campaigns help you to deliver relevant and well-scheduled emails. Also sending emails that turn out to be relevant and are quite likable by your recipients. Therefore, this helps to improve your sender reputation and could increase your customer retention.

What Features your Drag & Drop Editor Should Consist of?


  • Text and title block – Your editor should have a feature of adding text and title blocks. As it is a very necessary tool to add useful and essential information to your email. Text block contains the content you want your customers to read. And the title block contains a Relevant title to your added content.

  • Image and Text Image – To Make your campaign look more attractive and interactive you should add images and text images with the help of this tool.

  • Additional Templates – Your editor should provide you a feature to add extra templates. For example, if you want to add a discount or an offer template you can drag a specific template by this. Additionally, you can drop it wherever you wish.

  • Video feature – If you wish to insert a video to engage your recipients you can add a URL of the video you want to add from this feature.

  • Links & icons – Any social media link with an icon can be attached to the campaign with this feature

  • Themes – You can choose any specific theme or can customize your own theme.

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