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Email Credits vs. SMTP Server

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Email Credits vs. SMTP Server


As an email service provider, we provide service of both email credits as well as the SMTP Server. However, as a customer, you need to decide what you want according to your needs. SMTP Server

What are Email Credits?

Email Credits are the option for customers to buy credits. This is for sending bulk emails rather than paying for every campaign that is being sent. These can be used as 1 email credit = 1 campaign. Email credits prevent the customer from the headache of small transactions every time a campaign is given. At the place of this, the customers buy the credits in bulk. So, they do not have to perform the transaction every time as well as when customers buy credits in bulk, they can get it at lower prices comparatively.

What is an SMTP Server?

When a person needs to send an email then they do need an this server to send mails. Because electronic mails are transferred through the internet on the basis of SMTP protocol only. All emails are sent from an SMTP server only so, for sending emails in bulk you do need an SMTP server.


How to decide whether to purchase email credits or SMTP server?


If you have software to send bulk emails and a panel to operate it then we can provide you the SMTP server. So you can send your emails successfully.

But, if you don’t have any panel and software to send emails then you can buy the credit from us. In this case, we will provide you everything like email credits so that you can send your campaigns, a panel from where you can operate every single mail send by you. You can monitor your emails by using our panel, you can create campaigns, and you can edit your own template and many more.

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