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Email Subscribing


Email Subscribing is when a user subscribes to a brand. This allows a particular brand to send emails to the user on a regular basis. With this, the customers receive regular email newsletters. So as to be aware of every promotional activity or update of their subscribed brand.

Opt-in email

It is a term used when an email address is added to the list but is not authenticated or verified by the customer himself who owns that email address. In such cases, it is a possibility of emails recognize as spam.


Double opt-in email

It is an addition to the mail subscription opt-in process, in which it is necessary for the user to verify their email address and confirm their interest.


Double opt-in vs single opt-in :

Using double opt-in helps us in filtering the bad emails, spam accounts. In single opt-in, there is always a risk of having mail ids of fake users or users who are though added to the subscriber list but actually are not interest in subscribing that particular brand whereas having a double opt-in process ensures the high interest of the user.

From a market point of view it is quite important to have verified and authenticated users in your subscriber lists.

 Why Subscribers are Important? 

For Any businesses, companies, marketers it is important to have subscribers as they can put their services in front of everyone and can also meet the necessities of the customer and also notify people about their quality and prices. Also, these companies can interact with their customers by sending personalized email promotions, birthday campaigns, etc.

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