What are the types of email?

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Types of Email:

You have worked hard to build your impressive email list. And you have finished your homework too. And I know all about personalizing my messages and making them mobile friendly. While these practices are important to your marketing strategies. But if you are sending wrong email then none of these will give you result.

Here are the five most common types of email: 

  1. Newsletter Email
  2. Lead nurturing Email
  3. Promotional Emails
  4. Milestone Emails
  5. Survey Emails

Let’s see how you can use these email types to communicate better with your customers.

1. Newsletter Emails:-  

Email newsletters are a type of email. Which informs your email audience about the latest news, tips and updates about your company. They are often used for their various purposes. And they come in different forms. These are weekly digests of some content and some quarterly organization updates. And many others promote new products and but there is no end to what you can add to the newsletter.

Email newsletters are very popular and are sent to you on a regular basis. They often include their company blog content, upcoming events and any updates about your company. Which will be of interest to your customer.

2. Lead Nurturing Emails:-

It is important to guide and engage your leads through the sales funnel of these emails and convert them into customers. The general idea of lead nurturing is that your customers are not yet ready to buy from you. First of all the trust of the customer or the company should be built. And this can be achieved through useful content. And what you are sending in these emails.


Because lead nurturing is not a one-time email. But there is a range of emails, but you can play around with different types of emails. Which you can send to help build those relationships.

3. Promotional Emails:-

Simple emails are very common in promotional email marketing. That’s why it’s important to add more value to them than sending the old type of 15% discount emails. One way to achieve this is by highlighting the products or services on offer. And then what are you selling? Let me add some valuable material about it.

4. Milestone Emails:-

The consumer goes through several stages while interacting with any brand. It is important to highlight milestones such as anniversaries and birthdays. Because they go through the customer cycle (from new customer to customer). You have milestone emails to celebrate these moments.

Milestone Emails: The What, the Why, and the How - SendPulse Blog

5. Survey Emails:-

If you ask for feedback, you will only be able to do what you want. Service email gives you an idea of what you are doing right. And what can you improve? It can also help you understand your customer better. And what are they interested in getting from your brand.

How to Measure Different Types of Emails:

Before you start formatting your email. And it’s important to know which email works best. According to studies, useful content gets the most clicks. This is the content that helps the customer, such as eBooks and templates. Promotional emails are also well received by customers. But the trick is to figure out the right frequency.

How often do customers want to receive promotional emails? 86% of survey respondents liked them once a month. This means that if you’re sending promotional emails to customers two or three times a week, you only want them once a month. So you can unsubscribe too much.

Understanding these numbers will not only help you understand what type of emails you should be sending. And also the frequency of each one.

Does it really matter?

It’s important to understand one of the most important factors in your marketing strategies. People like variety in the way humans are communicating with you. The same newsletter may be sent out after a few weeks. That you may not get the engagement you want.

It’s not that your newsletter isn’t good, just that your newsletter isn’t good enough to guide your customer into the sales funnel. It will be as if all the emails you sent were promotional emails.


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