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Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) And Its Types

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Internet Service Providers(ISP)


Internet Service Providers are also known as IAP (Internet Access Providers).

These are firms which allows us to access internet for various purposes. The speed and connectivity to the internet depends upon ISP’s. In addition, Communication over internet can only be possible through ISP’s.

To connect their customers to the internet world ISP’s use satellite, copper wires, fibre optics etc. Also, to maintain the network services multiple number of technicians and miles of cabling is require.

AT&T WorldNet, PSINet , MCI, IBM Global Network , Netcom and UUNet are one of the largest ISP’s.



  • DSL and Cables:

DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines) is for transmitting data over Telephone Lines.

Earlier they were in a great demand but with the continuous demand and development in internet. They were declined as a high rise  seen in cable-based ISP’s.

  • Fiber Internet :

With the decrease in the graph of DSL, a new technology introduced called Fiber . It is the future of broadband.

In this, a fiber optic technology is in use to have fastest speed ever.

Additionally, in this very thin optical fiber hands-down to create a phenomenon called Internal Reflection. Due to this, Laser pulses are there, which carry data in binary format and travels with a very high speed.

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