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IP Reputation and Domain Reputation I Difference I

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Domain Reputation


Sender reputation is necessary for domains to determine whether the emails will be delivered or not. Domain reputation allows you to manage your reputation without being concerned about every individual IP. You can add new IPs or change IPs and can send messages from different providers without bothering about losing your sender reputation. Multiple IPs get associated with a single reputated domain and the sender could send emails from different IPs and does not face the problem of managing the reputation of every individual IP.

Sender reputation is one of the important factors through which mailbox providers decide whether your email belongs in the inbox or not. There are 2 types of email reputation –

  • IP Reputation


  • Domain Reputation


They differ from each other but are quite related to each other and play an important role in overall sender reputation.

Difference between IP and Domain Reputation:-


Servers or computers sending emails have their own unique identifier address known as IP Address. The kind of messages sent from IP address is tracked and sender reputation is then, check on the basis of these unique Identifier addresses. In IP reputation, factors, like changing IP address or using a shared IP, can have a major impact.

Whereas in domain reputation, sender reputation checks on the basis of the domain. In this, you can also add new IPs or change IPs. And additionally, you can send messages from different providers without bothering about losing your sender reputation.

Tools to check your Domain reputation:-


  • trusted source

  • BarracudaCentral.

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