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IP Reputation and How to Increase IP Reputation?

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     What is IP Reputation?


IP reputation is the term referring to the reputation of the IP from which you are sending your emails.

IP reputation is one of the major factors by which the email filtering tools decide whether your email is a spam mail or not. This decides if your mail is going to the primary inbox or spam folder in the email account of the recipient.

For sending mails in the inbox, the email IP reputation should be good.

Email filter checks for the following points in deciding the reputation of the IP:


  • Quality of the contact list

  • Quality of the content sent

  • Past transaction

  • Used to send spam

  • Used for the spam traps

  • Unsubscribe

  • Bounce rates

If the above factors are applicable to your IP in a bad way then your IP is assigned negative reputation. Having a negative reputation of your IP, the filters will not allow your mails to go in the inbox and mark them as a spam mail.

Having a positive IP reputation mark you as trusted sender and will allow you to send further emails without any obstacles.

If you want to increase the reputation of your IP, then this could be done by using following points:


  • IP Warmup

  • Implement SPF and DKIM in your email

  • Have a consistent schedule for sending emails

  • Send emails at frequent rate

  • Filter the contact list

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