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Mail Merge: Steps Required for Mail Merging

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Mail Merge: Steps Required for Mail Merging


Mail Merge is for combining mails, newsletters, and other mail labels.  Also for sending it to a mass group of customers or subscribers.

It is an important tool for writing a personalized email or letter to multiple subscribers at the same time. It extracts subscriber lists or data from sources such as Excel. This feature lets you merge customer information like name, addresses, number, etc with a letter, email, label, etc.

Steps required for Mail Merging: –


  • Select the Document Type – In this step you select what type of document you need to create. For example – letter, email, label or envelope.

  • Start the Document – In this step, you specify from where do you want to start your document. Either you want to use a blank document, a template or choose an existing document.

  • Select the Recipient – In this, you select your existing recipients list which is usually in Excel file or can create a new list also you can select the “choose from Outlook contact” method in which you have to select the folder where your Outlook contacts are stored and from there Word pulls information about each recipient and gives you the option to select which contacts should be included in the Mail Merge.

  • Write your letter – In this step, you actually create your document by adding specific data fields in which you need your data from the contact lists.

For instance:- If you want to add a greeting line which starts with ‘Dear’. Then you will insert the greeting field with the name after that, the mail merge will create one document for each and every name such as ‘Dear rose or Dear Jack’.

  • Preview your letter – You can preview your letter and check if any further changes required.

  • Complete the Merge – After completing all the above steps you click to ‘complete the Merge’ and then your mail merge is completed.

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