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The MTA Server


MTA stands for the “Mail Transfer Agent” which is for sending mails from one computer to another.  MTA Server also is known as a Mail Transfer Agent, a Message Transfer Agent, a Mail relay or Mail Transport Agent, either way, it is the same.

It is a software that transfers electronic messages between the sender and recipient. For an average user, MTA Server is invisible but sending emails MTA plays a very important role.


MTA receives the message either directly from the user, Message user agent (MUA) or from another MTA and needs to send it to either another MTA or to the Message Delivery Agent(MDA) depending upon the need.


Working of MTA Server


MTA is a crucial part of transferring electronic mails on the internet.

While a client writes a message and press send button, the message is sent to the client’s Message Submission Agent(MSA) and gets delivered to the MTA. According to the route of the recipient, it transfers. A message receive by the MTA, it attaches a receive header on the message and when MTA transfer the same message then it attaches a sent header on the message to get the information of the route.

When a client sends a message, the MTA is the one who looks up to the MX record for checking the routing path. Then it decides the mail server from which the mails have to be sent.

Additionally, MTA handles the automation generation response to the email. Furthermore, the bounce email is made by sending emails to the invalid email ids.

Mail Handling by MTA


When MTA sends a mail it put the mail in a queue till the receiving server responds. Because MTA works on the store and forward model for mail handling. MTA tries, sending the email until the server responds. But if the server does not respond in a particular time limit then the Email is bouncing back to the client mail server.

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