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New Type of Email Marketing – Automation

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Automation is the new type of email marketing which gives more good results and as well as it is handy. In this, the emails are scheduled for a particular time such as for the new year, festivals, or birthdays. These mails are sent automatically on time as scheduled.


These types of emails feel connected to the customers and they ought to like it.

Automated emails are life savior for the email marketers not only because they send emails but also they send emails on time when the sender forgets to send the emails.


These emails not only schedule for a single day or a particular day, it can be scheduled for every year also. These emails allow you to send interactive emails to customers which strengthens the connection.


Examples of automated emails that you can send are:


Welcome emails:

These are the emails that you send at times when a customer subscribes to your services. This mail contains a “welcome message ” and “thank you for subscribing message”.

Guiding emails:

The purpose of these emails is to guide the customer to the next step after the subscription.

Milestone emails:

These mails are to be sent on occasions such as birthdays, anniversary etc.

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