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A Small Discussion about Opens and Unique Opens

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Opens and Unique Opens


“Both the terminologies Opens and Unique Opens define the success of your email marketing strategies.”



Unique Open is the term for the times when different recipients open your email / campaign at least one time.

The total number of times an email is open for the first time. Also known as Unique Opens.


It is the total number of times an email is opened by the recipients.


Unique open and open are different terminology as one describes how many recipients have opened the campaign and the other tell how many times your campaign is viewed.

These both terms are dependent on the clicks. Different click rate defines whether it is unique open or open. From this only, unique open rate and open rates are calculated.


By observing both the statistics, you can know about your users and your email open rates which help you in better understanding of how your email marketing business is going. Other than that these both are those important statistics that the owner should know about as it does not help in better understanding of your customers but also help in expanding and improving your email marketing strategies.




You can consider following points to increase your opens and unique opens:-

  • Use a catching subject line

  • Address your recipients with their name rather than sir / mam.

  • Try to send the campaign from a person rather than from a company.

  • Considering your recipients, send the campaigns at right time. Avoid sending the campaigns on weekend as mostly everyone is busy with their family.

  • Quality of content is essential.

  • Customize the campaign according to the mobile.
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