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Overview of Domain Authentication and its Need

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Domain Authentication


Whenever a Domain is purchased from any domain hosting site, it needs to be authenticated also. Only purchasing the domain is not sufficient for a good domain reputation, it should be authenticated also. This is Domain Authentication.

Today in the era of online marketing, no one wants spam or phishing emails in their inbox. So, they set some restrictions on their mail server. The domain which is not authenticated is not able to pass this restriction, and as a result, these domains are tagged as untrustable or spam which ends up in spam folder of mail server.


What is the need for authentication?

– domain misuse prevention

-chances to land in inbox increases

-validate yourself to be an authenticated sender leading in increased domain reputation.


If not authenticated then?

-tagged as not trusted

-emails will land in spam folder

-low domain reputation


How can it be done?

Domain Authentication is ready using SPF and DKIM. After purchasing your domain, you should update the DNS records including SPF and DKIM. Also, after including SPF and DKIM you have to verify your email to authenticate your domain name.

For more information, you can read this article

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